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Sedum spurium voodoo is a tough perennial succulent which grow in a mat forming manner. 

These are renowned as fast growers. Further you could conduct their propagation  very easily. One more value addition of the sedum spurium voodoo Plants is their flowers. 

The origin of  sedum spurium voodoo origin is unknown. 

Sedum spurium voodoo used to grow in drought conditions, and you could use them between flagstones or as edging as well. 

They could perform well in poor quality soil and would prefer to have full sunlight to partial shade. S

o, keep reading this article to discover more on their care tips and propagation methods on these fabulous plants.

Sedum Spurium Voodoo

How do I identify sedum spurium voodoo?

Sedum spurium voodoo can be identified by several factors such as from their leaves color, flower blossoming etc

Sedum spurium voodoo leaves would be deep red in color and later on it would change to green lime in color. Those leaves are small and fleshy. 

In addition to that you could spot them carrying some tooth as well. Sedum spurium voodoo leaves would tend to take a narrower shape in their base.  

They will have branching stems and tend to grow in a  creeping manner towards the ground. 

They produce pink flowers during summer. They would form in round clusters and each individual bloom would tend to take a star shape.

Size of the plant

Sedum spurium voodoo would reach up to a maximum height of 4-5 inches and their maximum width would be 12-15 inches.

Growth rate

Sedum spurium voodoo usually grow at a faster rate. Further they tend to show a hanging and a trailing growth pattern as well.

One look care guide

Botanical NameSedum spurium voodoo
Common NameVoodoo stonecrop
Plant TypeSucculent
Mature Sizemaximum height of 4-5 inches and maximum width of 12-15 inches.
Sun ExposureFull Sunlight to partial sunlight
Soil TypeWell-draining, sandy
Soil pHAlkaline neutral
Bloom TimeSummer
Flower ColorPink
Hardiness ZonesUSDA hardiness zones are 4a-9b
ToxicityMildly Toxic
Average price USD 7

How do you take care of Sedum spurium voodoo ? 

Light Requirement        

These plants  would prefer to have full sunlight to partial shade to perform well. If you keep growing them in partial shade right throughout, it will not allow them to become vibrant in their colors. 

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Hence, the ideal lighting conditions should be full sunlight in the morning for a few hours and filtered sunlight during the rest of the day, which could possibly be during the mid-afternoon hours.

If you have added Sedum spurium voodoo as houseplants, ensure that you have placed them near a bright sunny spot. 

If they are still short of sufficient sunlight, you may place grow lights closer to the plants to supplement extra light. 

On another note, if you are planning to expose them to outdoor full sunlight from indoors, ensure that you are slowly exposing them to full sunlight so that it will not shock the plants. 

Literally you should let them gain full sunlight for four to six hours when you grow them outdoors. 

Sedum Spurium Voodoo

Temperature and humidity

As explained in the beginning of the article, Sedum spurium voodoo are drought tolerant plants that would prefer to thrive in hot warmer temperatures.  

They could tolerate a minimum temperature level of -30 degrees – 30 degrees Fahrenheit. ( -34.4 degrees Celsius to -1.1 degrees Celsius).

Is it cold hardy?

Sedum spurium voodoo are frost hardy up to some extent.

USDA Hardiness Zone

Sedum spurium voodoo ’s preferred USDA hardiness zones are 4a-9b.

Watering Requirement 

Sedum spurium voodoo have typical watering requirements just like the rest of other succulents and cactus. 

However, when watering them, ensure that you water them thoroughly rather than doing it frequently.

Literally you should soak the plant roots with deep watering and after that ensure that there is no excess water stored within the pot and it is entirely withered.

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Soil Requirement Type / pH

In terms of providing a right soil mix for these plants, it is critical that it has excellent drainage. 

Unless it would make your beloved Sedum spurium voodoo plants attractive towards diseases such as root rot and or fungal infections as well.

It is important that you grow them in a right soil mix which is well draining as they go hand in hand with proper watering patterns.

As such, it has to be a sandy clay and low fertile soil mix which does not retain excess moisture within. . The right pH of the soil mix should be alkaline and neutral.

Flowering and Fragrance

Sedum spurium voodoo produces beautiful pink colored flowers during summer. 

They tend to take a star shape and it would be a treat to watch them in full blossom. They form in clusters.

Pot size Potting and Repotting

A clay pot or terracotta pot would be handy to grow these plants. In addition to that, it is crucial that it has sufficient draining holes as well. 

These two factors will be beneficial for a faster water evaporation in the pot which is exactly what the plant is in need of.  

In terms of repotting, you could consider repotting them once every couple of years approximately. 

Whenever you see your sedum plant has outgrown from the pot, you could consider repotting them in a slightly larger pot. Best time to conduct repotting is during spring.

Sedum Spurium Voodoo

Where to Plant 

Sedum spurium voodoo could be planted as ground covers since they are frost hardy. 

No matter where you grow them , ensure that you fulfill their lighting requirement. 

Fertilizer and time of year

Sedum spurium voodoo usually thrive well in low fertile soil mixes. Hence you do not really have to feed them. 

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However, if you wish to add some fertilizers, you could feed them with a slow-release fertilizer during their dormancy.


Sedum spurium voodoo would be dormant during the winter season. Chances are that they will shed their leaves during their dormancy.

Can be toxic to pets            

Sedum spurium voodoo is considered as a mild toxic plant for pets and for humans as well.

Common bugs and illnesses

Sedum spurium voodoo are usually resistant towards diseases and pests’ attacks. However, you need to specially look out for pests such as slugs, snails, vine weevils.

Special Care tips

Sedum spurium voodoo can thrive well on their own and you do not need to prune them or do anything special to look after them. 

However, you could consider trimming the stems and the dead flowers to make the plants look tidy and pleasant.

How to propagate Sedum spurium voodoo  

You could propagate the Sedum spurium voodoo by division or by using their softwood cuttings on the shoots. 

When you use the softwood cuttings ensure that you are obtaining them from non-flowering shoots during early summer. 

As aforesaid right in the beginning of the article, you could easily propagate these plants. You only have to break them into pieces and stick them in the ground during early summer.

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Sedum spurium voodoo plant benefits

  • Voodoo sedum Stonecrop are great picks for rock gardens, cottage and informal gardens, and gravel gardens. 
  • In addition to that they would be great picks for containers. 
  • Finally, they would be handy to use as ground covers as well.


So, to sum up, I hope you could enhance your knowledge on how to care for them properly and the ways of propagating these beautiful plants. 

All you need to ensure is that supplying them with adequate sunlight levels and growing them in a well-draining soil mix. 

Last but not least keep in mind not to water them frequently but deeply. As long as you fulfill these requirements, they will thrive to the best of their ability.

Credit to : Bangla Bazaar
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