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As a succulent lover, have you ever thought about the “Moon cactus meaning ?”. Do they really have a meaning? Let’s find out about that in this article. 

Moon Cactus meaning

Why is it a moon cactus?

This is a combination of two plants. One is a mutated variety of Gymnocalycium mihanovichii species and the other one is hylocereus cactus.

The mutated variety of Gymnocalycium mihanovichii can not survive alone in the world since they do not (or few) have chlorophyll pigments in them.

Therefore it is grafted into hylocereus cactus and hylocereus cactus help them to produce energy via photosynthesis. 

Neon cactus or the grafted cactus are a couple of other names used to call the moon cactus. This beautiful plant comes in various colors. 

The moon cactus have a globular upper part and straight lower part. Only the globular upper part has various colors. Straight lower part or the root stock is always green in color. 

As you know non muted Gymnocalycium mihanovichii plants can survive in the wild without graft since they have enough chlorophyll to produce energy.

But these wild varieties are not as colorful as mutated varieties. They normally are green or dark purple in color.

What does a moon cactus symbolize?

Maternal love

As per the American beliefs, they believe that the moon cactus is a symbol of maternal love or warmth. The reason behind this is that these cacti could thrive well in difficult conditions. 

Moreover, their medicinal benefits also make them perfect examples for maternal love.

In fact, the people in America made medicine from cactus plants and used those medicine for the treatments of wounds and for the digestive ailments.

Due to these reasons, they have become symbols of maternal love.

So, if you got a moon cactus as a gift, they want to let you know that they love you and care for you. It’s so thoughtful of them to give something like this.


Moon cactus symbolizes long life as well. Simply because cactus could live long.

Moon Cactus meaning


Someone might give you a moon cactus to let you know that they want to protect you as well.

In terms of feng shui beliefs, if you keep these cacti on a terrace or by a windowsill, that means these cacti would protect you from all unwanted negative energy and from misfortunes as well.

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Further it is said that you need to avoid placing the new cactus right at the entrance of your house. If you still insist on doing it, that would cause negative results.


Cacti in general, including moon cactus, are hardy plants. They can endure tough conditions. For example, they can stay alive in barren desert areas despite how rare they get the rainfall. 

Therefore, people think that the moon cactus is a symbol of endurance, tenacity and strength as well. Simply because they could thrive well despite how difficult the growing conditions are. 

So, consider that someone is giving you a moon cactus, that implies the giver is considering you as a warrior.

They would have probably seen what you have gone through and how successfully you have overcome them.

As such, they might give you a moon cactus thinking you are a strong survivor and a fighter who could rise back from failures and from hard times.

So, if you are someone who has gone through these situations and if someone has gifted these, this is an indication that you have strength to win all these.

There are occasions where you will feel a little downwards and upset, so keep one of these in a place where you will see it regularly and think to yourself that you got this!

it will make you more confident that you could face any challenge no matter what.

Is it bad luck to put moon cactus in the bedroom?

Growing moon cactus in the bedroom is somewhat unlucky. As per feng shui beliefs, you need to avoid placing these cacti in bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens or even at the entrance of your houses.

They believe when you place them at such places, they would impact on your peace and they would result in conflicts.

They have further stated that you need to locate them at areas such as windowsills, study rooms and offices. When you keep them at such places, they believe they will emit a lot of protective energy.

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But It is well known that when you grow cactus indoors, it  will bring so much positivity, a sense of protection and a sense of strength to you. 

However, if you can keep these plants out of reach from your toddlers and pets. Although there are not toxic, tiny spines might harm them.

Moon Cactus meaning

When to present a cactus?

You could consider presenting a moon cactus as a holiday gift, wedding gift, birthday gift or anniversary gift. 

Without a doubt, all cacti in general would be very handy to use as gifts. Simply because they are easy to care and due to their long life as well.

They are contrary to flowers. As aforesaid, you could use them as holiday gifts for Christmas, Easter and even for Thanksgiving as well. 

There are some cacti which could bloom right throughout those seasons.

Moon cactus in particular is very famous among the gardeners. It is quite handy to be used as a houseplant when you provide it with adequate sunlight.

It would be a treat to watch them flourish since they have interesting top parts with numerous colors such as bright orange, red, purple, pink and yellow.

If you wish, you could even add them in floral decorations too. it would give a fantastic look to the whole setup of flower decoration.

If someone wishes to have a cactus themed wedding, you may give some of these as a gift.   

What is the spiritual meaning of cactus?

Its ability to endure tough times and to stay strong in different conditions are the spiritual meaning of the cactus. 

The hard protective exterior is a fine example for it. So, when you keep one of these at your workspace or at the study room, that would help you to stay calm, focused.

Moon Cactus meaning 3 1

Related questions

How long will a moon cactus live?

The moon cactus would live for about one year to three years on an average. There could also be exceptional moon cactuses which could live a little longer than that too.

On the other hand, there could also be some moon cactus which will have a shorter life span than normal.

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That could mainly happen due to the lapses in the care given for them and due to the incompatibility of the two plants which have been grafted.

Can we Gift moon cactus to someone?

Moon cactus would be a great gift.Many people these days give moon cactus as gifts.

Is it bad luck to give a cactus?

When we take the feng shui concept into consideration it is bad. In fact, they believe cactus emit bad energy though they look aesthetically beautiful.

They think prickly cacti and sharp thorns carry bad energy. They further think, if you have one of the cacti at home, it will bring misfortune to their lives.

In other words, they think it would make them ill and stressed out etc. Not only that but also, as per the feng shui beliefs, they think that they will cause anxiety and losses as well.

To elaborate further, some people believe these are not symbols of abundance since they live in deserts where they lack liquids. 

In fact, cactus in general is a symbol of survival in tough situations. So, many people think when you grow cactus at home, it would contribute to financial issues.  

I believe it is always nice to give a cactus as they are a symbol of endurance.

What do you call a person who loves cactus?

The person who loves cacti is called a Xerophile. In terms of Greek language, the definition of Xeros is dry and philos means loving. So, when you collect the words, it literally means you are an enthusiast in cactus.

Where should the moon cactus be placed?

Place your moon cactus closer to a bright sunny window. Where they get indirect sunlight. 


Hope, this article was useful to upgrade your knowledge and I hope now you have a better understanding  of the moon cactus plant and what it really means.

So hurry up and try growing a moon cactus and have fun!

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