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Moon cactus need sunlight for their survival just like other succulents and cactus. They would perform well in bright and indirect sunlight.

They are not fond of direct sunlight as that would badly affect them. When you are growing them outdoors, it is best to locate them somewhere closer to a covered tree.

It should ideally have some shade where they do not get exposed for direct sunlight.  

When you grow them as  houseplants, locate them by a bright sunny window where they can absorb an adequate amount of sunlight.

In case, if you do not let the moon cactus absorb adequate sunlight, it would result in the color fade of the cactus.

Moon Cactus need sunlight

How much sunlight do moon cactus need?

As aforesaid, moon cactus would require a lot of bright indirect sunlight. Having said that, if we take the top part of the grafted cactus into consideration, they would require  shade to thrive well.

They do  not like  to get exposed to  direct sunlight. On the other hand, green stems would enjoy growing in  direct sunlight.

As such, you need to provide balanced light so that the moon cactus could thrive well.

You need to select the brightest sunny spot at your home to grow the moon cactus if you are growing them indoors. Windowsill would suit them the  best.

However, protect the plant from intense sunlight unless there could be  sunburns.

In case you spot your moon cactus turning white or form scars,  you need to shift the plant to a shady place immediately .

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Not only that, chances are that they would turn yellow as a repercussion of being exposed to intense sunlight.

How many hours of light does a cactus need?

These cacti would require sunlight for around 12 hours daily. However they would do well if they get a minimum of 4 hours of sunlight daily.

To reiterate, you need to find the brightest spot to grow the moon cactus so that they can get adequate sunlight and thrive well. 

However, keep in mind that you should not expose the moon cactus to receive light for more than 14 hours daily.

In general, cacti are not tolerant of direct sunlight, and they don’t have the immunity to recover from sun burns. 

If we take desert cacti, they will withstand the direct sunlight. On the other hand, if we consider the tropical cacti, they would love to grow in indirect sunlight.

Further there could be some more cactus which would perform well in partial shade too.

As such  before you select any cactus type to grow. It is important that you know their  sunlight requirement.

That will help you to recreate the same lighting conditions they get when they grow in the wild. 

Moon Cactus need sunlight

Can moon cactus survive indoors?

Yes, moon cactus can survive indoors. As aforesaid, the ideal place to locate the moon cactus would be on a windowsill.

However, if you think, there is a chance of having sunburns in your moon cactus when you grow them near a brightest sunny window, you could follow some tips which could help you to overcome this situation.

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During heated times in summer, the sunlight level could be quite intense.

Further it could create a high temperature gradient behind the glasses whilst the temperature in the room could be much lower.

Those intense and heated sunrays could create a greater impact on your cactus such as severe sunburns.

As such, if you realize the temperature outside is quite high, such as 100 degrees fahrenheit  or over, you need to provide shade for your cactus.

You need to be extra careful and provide better protection for the cactus specially which have spines .

Further, you could be more tactful in shifting them for some other windowsill where they do not get such intense sunlight. Further, if you have a balcony at your house, you may keep them there.

Can the moon cactus survive under artificial lights?

You could consider providing artificial light if it is not possible for you to provide natural sunlight for the moon cactus.

It would be somewhat expensive to afford the artificial lights. However, if you are using bulbs, you need to pick bulbs which do not generate too much heat and release little light.

However, the best artificial light that I would suggest growing moon cactus would be fluorescent bulbs or fluorescent tubes.

Instead of them, you may also use LED grow lights. Avoid utilizing mercury vapor or incandescent bulbs.

Moon cactus temperature needed 

Moon cactus prefer the warmer temperatures in summer. Average room temperature would suit them the best.

When you grow them indoors, it is best to locate them by a window where they can get the necessary heat.

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The best temperature for the moon cactus to grow would be 64 degrees Fahrenheit to 77 degrees Fahrenheit.  

Best growing zone for moon cactus would be USDA hardiness zones 10 or 11. You may place them in the brightest spot with partial shade.

Further, if you live in temperate climates, you may shift the cactus outdoors.

When it is the fall, you could shift the plants indoors when the temperature decreases.  When you locate them indoors, refrain from placing them closer to cold drafts such as open windows, and air conditions. 

These cacti cannot withstand temperatures below 48 degrees Fahrenheit.

When it comes to the winter season, they prefer to grow in temperatures between 50- and 60-degrees Fahrenheit.

Chances are that the borderline temperatures could result in the dying of the ruby-red portion whilst the rootstock could survive.


So now you know how important sunlight is to the moon cactus. You need to provide the full and partial sunlight accordingly.

Keep in mind not to expose them to intense direct sunlight or frost conditions. In severe cold conditions you can take the plant indoors to keep them warm until the summer comes.

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