Fairy Castle Cactus Watering Techniques | Easy Guide |

Beautiful fairy castle cactus need a little bit of care from you to grow it to its fullest potential. Specially you need to know fairy castle cactus watering techniques to keep them healthy and alive.

In this article I am going to explain to you the techniques I used to keep them alive. So let’s dig in!

Fairy Castle Cactus Watering

How to tell when Fairy castle cactus needs water?

If you feel their soil is dry, you need to commence watering them. On the other hand, if their soil is moist you need to wait for several days and then water. 

Literally the soil status should be the base when it comes to watering the plants. However, keep in mind that Fairy castle cacti are drought tolerant plants, and they would not tolerate excess water at any given time. 

In fact, they would thrive well even if you neglected watering them once or twice.

Before we proceed further, to briefly explain on the Fairy castle cactus, they would be about six feet in height at maturity. 

They go by common names called night blooming cereus, triangle cactus etc. Fairy castle cacti are originating from South America, Caribbean islands. 

It would be somewhat rare to spot them flowering, however when they do, they would produce flowers in white or in yellow.

Fairy castle cactus watering frequency

You need to water them once every two to three weeks in summer. Having said that you could change it depending on the room temperature and on the humidity as well. 

On the other hand, when it comes to watering in winter, you could limit watering them once a month or suspend watering them at all. 

In fact, you need to suspend watering them if the winter temperature drops below 12-15 degrees Celsius. Literally Fairy castle cactus would be in a relaxing period, and they would not consume any of their energy during these times.

Despite all these frequencies aforesaid, you need to always check whether their soil is dry and then decide whether you need to water them or not. 

Once you allow the soil to wither between two watering sessions, it would assure that no over watering would take place. Over watering is the biggest culprit for many of the issues and for the diseases.

Thus, you need to ensure that you do not expose them for waterlogged conditions for extended periods. The exposure for excess moisture would make the plants more vulnerable for diseases such as root rot. 

Chances are that it could even be fatal on the plants as it is very unlikely that you could spot the root rot at the beginning. 

Once you identify the root rot it would be too late to treat them. If you end up providing excess water, it will make the plants look in a plump manner. 

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Furthermore, if you have grown the Fairy castle cactus, outdoors you may have to water them more frequently depending on the seasons. 

To elaborate further on this, if your plants are going through intense summertime, water will evaporate faster. Consequently, you would want to water the plants more often.

How long can it go without water?

Fairy castle cactus can usually go waterless for about two to three weeks.

Watering Fairy castle cactus without drainage

What I would recommend you do is to always grow them in pots which have ample draining holes. That will consequently allow the draining holes to move out the water from the pots. 

That said, if you had grown them in non-draining pots, chances are that it would lead to root rot. If you are a fresher in gardening, you would find it really difficult to cope up with that. 

If you are someone who is very experienced, you could go ahead with all the fancy containers which don’t contain any draining holes.

However, if you wish to grow the Fairy castle cactus in a non-draining pot, I recommend using a fast-draining soil mix. 

If you end up using a poor draining soil mix which doesn’t have any draining hole in the pot, it would be lethal on the plants. 

Furthermore, since the excess water has no drainage holes to move out the water, I encourage you to apply large particles in the soil. 

For example, pumice would be a great choice here. In addition to that keep in mind that your selected soil mix needs to have a good aeration too.

Once you water your Fairy castle cactus in a non-draining pot, you need to always measure the water level. 

If you can’t remember how much water you put in, it will be a great problem. In that context you could go ahead with non-draining glass containers as then you can keep a track. On the other hand, if you use any other material, there is a great potential for the overwatering to take place.

If you are growing the Fairy castle cactus in a non-draining pot, I recommend watering them using either a water squeeze bottle or a pipette to do this task.

Fairy castle cactus watering amount

Fairy castle cactus adapted to grow in hot and dry weather conditions. However, they would still want some water to thrive well. 

Fairy castle cacti are in contrast with other plants since you need to water these plants less often as they can thrive well with minimum watering. 

Above all, over watering could be so adverse as it is one of the most prominent root causes which could deteriorate the health and kill the plants.

You could commonly come across this problem if you end up growing them in non-draining pots and that is why it is critically important that you choose a pot which has one or two draining holes. 

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It will ensure that excess moisture is moving out from the pot without retaining them. So, if you spot the water is draining away from the draining holes, you need to immediately stop watering them as they have absorbed the water levels they want.

Fairy castle cactus watering from top or bottom

Ensure that you water the bottom of the plants. It will allow the plants to absorb the water slowly. Once you pour water directly on to the soil, it would be easy for the roots to absorb water well too.

Fairy castle cactus watering in winter

In simple words, you need to water them less often in winter. Fairy castle cacti have typical watering needs just like the rest of other cacti. 

Fairy castle cactus would be literally in the relaxing mode (dormant) during winter, and they would not consume any of their energy during this time. 

As such they can thrive with minimum watering. In fact you can limit watering them to once every four to six weeks during winter.

Fairy castle cactus watering in summer

Fairy castle cactus grow actively during summer and would want water more often compared to other seasons. 

As such I recommend watering them once every 7-10 days during summer. With that being said, you need to still make sure that you are watering them only if their soil is dry only.

Indoor Fairy castle cactus watering

If you grow Fairy castle cactus as indoor plants, it is crucial that it has sufficient draining holes in the bottom

Literally you need to water the plants thoroughly and let them dry after that. I urge growing these plants either in unglazed clay or terracotta pots for this purpose. 

They would ensure that they absorb all the excess moisture in the pot without making them prone towards diseases such as root rots.

In simple words, you need to water the plants to a level which will penetrate the soil and where the excess moisture would come out from the draining holes. 

Next ensure that you allow the plants to wither too. Keep in mind that you should never over water them as it would be the biggest mistake which you could make when taking care of them. 

The exposure for over watering would result in so many unhealthy adverse repercussions on the plants.

Fairy Castle Cactus Watering

Outdoor Fairy castle cactus watering

If you live in an area where the plants are going through constant rainfall, you don’t have to water them at all.

In fact what you could do is to bring them indoors to keep them dry. On the other hand, if the soil is entirely dry, you need to water them. 

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Keep in mind that outdoor grown Fairy castle cactus need more water than indoor grown Fairy castle cactus. 

So, if you spot your precious Fairy castle cacti have become dry and look pale in color, you need to immediately start watering them.

Small Fairy castle cactus watering

If you have a small Fairy castle cacti to water, you need to still make sure that you water them only if their soil is dry only

Literally if you find out their soil is dry, you need to commence watering them as soon as you can. Refrain from overpouring water as they cannot withstand it.

Should you water the newly brought Fairy castle cactus? 

If you think the newly bought Fairy castle cacti soil is bone dry, you may water them. Fairy castle cacti are not the type of plants which would want water in excess. Hence always water them moderately without creating waterlogged and soggy conditions in the soil.

Should you water newly repotted Fairy castle cactus?

Avoid watering the Fairy castle cacti right after you repot them. Ideally you need to wait for about one weeks’ time and then water. 

It would help the plants to get used to the new conditions for some time. However, keep in mind that you need to water them prior to repotting the plants. 

It will allow the plants to absorb the necessary water levels. However, after one weeks’ time you could start watering them lightly. That way you can avoid any potential root rot which would take place.

What you need to water a Fairy castle cactus 

  • Watering can 
  • Water measuring cup 
  • water squeeze bottle 
  • Pipettes

Do Fairy castle cactus need more water than other cactus?

Usually, they don’t want more water than the cactus.

Does Fairy castle cactus like humidity?

Fairy castle cactus hate high humidity levels. Fairy castle cacti usually grow in dry arid weather conditions when they grow in the wild. 

They have water conserved in their foliage and if you expose them for high humidity levels it would make the plants more prone towards bacterial and fungal infections.


Fairy castle cacti are such a soothing extravagant set of plants. They would cheer anybody and make you mentally happy and relaxed. 

They would suit anybody be it a fresher in gardening or an experienced one in gardening. Their unique attractive looks will make anybody look at them over and over again. 

So, it is relatively easy to water them if you adhere to aforesaid tips. To sum up, you need to avoid over watering them and always water them at moderate levels. 

It would allow the plants to thrive well and vigorously. 

Credit to : Michael John Halse Artistry
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