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A Fairy castle cactus flower is white or yellow and they bloom rarely. However, when they do, they would produce flowers in white or in yellow colors. 

Those flowers would be large in size too. However, there could be some people who wish to remove the flowers or just let them fall off naturally too. 

Further it is noteworthy to mention these are night blooming sets of flowers. Moreover, only the matured Fairy castle cactus will bloom and to be precise they should be at least ten years old to produce flowers.

To briefly explain on the plants first, they go by the scientific name called Acanthocereus tetragonus. These are slow growing sets of plants and would only reach a maximum height of six feet at maturity. 

They go by the  common names called  triangle cactus, blooming cereus etc. Moreover, they are native plants to Central America and to Mexico as well.

Fairy Castle Cactus Flower

How often do Fairy castle cactus flower?

Usually, Fairy castle cactus will rarely develop the blooms. However, their flowering season would be usually spring. They will exhibit their flowers during nighttime and will stay in bloom until the next day at dawn. Having said that , Fairy castle cactuses which are at least 10 years old would only produce flowers.

Colors of Fairy castle cactus flowers

Fairy castle cactus produce flowers in white or in yellow.

How long do Fairy castle cactus flower last?

As mentioned in the above, those flowers will stay in bloom from nighttime until the next day at dawn.

How to make Fairy castle cactus flowers?

To make the Fairy castle cactus flower, you need to first minimize watering them from 50% .This literally means you need to make them enter a dormant season at first. 

Further you need to consider feeding them with a good cactus fertilizer during spring once they resume growing actively. 

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Best is to feed them once a month so that the flower blossoming of the Fairy castle cactus would be benefited from that. Do not feed them in winter as that would create an unhealthy impact on the plants.

How to care for Fairy castle cactus flowers?

Sunlight requirement

Fairy castle cactus would prefer to have at least six hours of sunlight and partial sunlight during the rest of the day, particularly during the intense hours of summer. 

However, if there is any forecast of a heatwave, I recommend protecting the plants with sunshades unless it scorches the plants. 

Choose a  bright sunny windowsill to grow them when you grow them indoors.  It is very important that you provide plenty of sunlight as it would be beneficial for these attractive flower’s healthy growth. 

If you still find it difficult to provide sufficient sunlight , you could consider placing grow lights. However, if possible, you need to always go ahead with natural sunlight.

Temperature requirement

Fairy castle cactus are somewhat cold hardy. Hence if you are someone who lives in a different USDA zone other than 10 – 11 where the temperature gets colder than 30 degrees Fahrenheit, I recommend growing them in planters so that you can bring them indoors whenever there are unhealthy weather conditions. 

If you live in USDA zone 10-11, you could grow them outdoors. Do not ever expose them to frost as if you do so, it would make them suffer from frost massively. 

Chances are that it would result in the entire plant’s death too. Having said that, if there is mild winter conditions, you could consider planting them outdoors right throughout.

With that being said, if you live in an area where the temperature drops to 20 degrees Fahrenheit ( – 6.7 degrees Celsius), best recommended is to grow them as indoor plants. 

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Alternatively, you could grow them in green houses as well. However, if you still wish to keep them outdoors during winter, you may cover the plants with frost cloth.

Fairy Castle Cactus Flower

Water requirement

You need to keep in mind, Fairy castle cactus used to grow in hot and dry weather conditions when they grow in their natural habitats. 

So, if you happen to make any over watering, it would pave the way for root rot which could sometimes turn out to be fatal too. 

So, if you are wondering how often you should water these cacti, if you have grown them outdoors and are constantly getting regular rainfall you can skip watering them. That is simply because they can thrive well with the rainfall .

On the other hand, if your precious Fairy castle cactus do not get any rain fall, you may water them once every two to three weeks especially during summer. 

You may minimize watering them more during winter. During winter they will be literally in the dormancy. If you have potted the Fairy castle cactus, you need to water them thoroughly and ensure that excess water is draining away from the pots too. 

When you water, always check whether their soil is dry and then water them. The time to wither would vary depending on the area you live, and, on the container, you have grown them too.

Pot and soil requirement

I recommend growing the Fairy castle cactus in terracotta pots or in clay pots so that it would minimize any potential of having root rot in the pots. 

Besides using these pot materials, you should make sure to use pots which have sufficient drainage as well. 

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Consequently,  it would allow the excess water to move out from the pots without retaining it within the pots. 

Since these materials are high in porosity, they would create a healthy environment for the Fairy castle cactus as well as for their flowers. In fact, the water evaporation in these materials happens much faster.  

In terms of the right soil mix for the Fairy castle cactus, I encourage growing them in a cactus soil mix as they have excellent drainage. 

Consequently, it would allow the plant’s roots to grow vigorously as well. As a result of these, Fairy castle cactus flowers would also grow well.  

Having said that if you wish to further better the drainage of the Fairy castle cactus, you could consider adding elements such as mineral grit , coarse sand pumice and perlite.  

Fertilizing requirement

If we consider the fertilizing requirement of the Fairy castle cactus, you may skip feeding them if you had recently repotted them

When you repot the Fairy castle cactus, they will have a fresh growing environment where they can gain fresh nutrients. 

With that being said, if you wish to feed them, you may go ahead with an organic fertilizer and apply it in spring. 

Furthermore, you may also go ahead with a specially designed cacti fertilizer to feed them. However, ensure that you dilute to half strength and the use. Skip feeding them when they are dormant.


So, I hope you found this very informative to enhance your knowledge on the Fairy castle cactus ability to flower, the care tips you need to do when looking after their flowers etc. 

Fairy castle cactus are indeed some cool set of plants where their flowering activity intensifies the beauty.

Credit to : Adela B
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