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Euphorbia fertilizers help the plant’s growth and would be benefitted from that extra enrichment you provide. 

You could feed the plants in pots with regular feeding. Best is to use a balanced fertilizer ideally in a 10:10:10 ratio of NPK ratio. 

Make sure you dilute it to quarter strength before using them.  You may water them once a week when they are growing actively.

Euphorbia Fertilizer

More about Euphorbia 

Euphorbia succulents comprise about over 2000 species. You could spot them in shrub types as well as in cactus-like plants too. 

Euphorbia succulents come up with such diversity. However, they will be having one common feature among all of them and that is their ability to produce a milky sap which could come out once you damage them or break them.

One important thing to note on these plants is that they could be toxic if you consume and ingest them. To further elaborate on this, they could create irritations in skin as well as in your eyes. 

Having said that they are resistant towards deer as well as for gophers.

However, keep in mind that the planting requirements could vary for individual Euphorbia succulents. 

Having said that, feeding them would be useful for all the Euphorbia succulents’ species.

If you ever come across an Euphorbia plant which has formed their base leaves in yellow, you need to keep in mind that it is a sign to indicate to you that they require some nutrition.

What fertilizer to use for euphorbia? 

If we consider the Euphorbia succulents as a whole, all individual Euphorbia succulent species consist of their unique nutritional requirements.

However best would be to use a fertilizer consisting of a 10-10-10 NPK ratio.

Euphorbia fertilizer requirements

How often should i fertilize my euphorbia 

You could consider feeding them with a diluted fertilizer once a week

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However, you need to do that during their active growing season only. Suspend feeding them when they go dormant as it will be their relaxing period.

How to add fertilizer to euphorbia 

You need to add the fertilizers to the soil as that is the Euphorbia succulents; growing medium and it is what provides all the nutrients to the plants. 

When you feed the soil directly it would be easy for the roots to absorb the nutrients. On the other hand, if you end up feeding the Euphorbia succulents leaves it could even harm the plants.

Euphorbia fertilizer ratio

Perfect Euphorbia fertilizer ratio should be either 10:10;10 or 8:8:8.

Euphorbia Fertilizer

Indoor euphorbia fertilizer

If you need to feed the indoor Euphorbia plants, you could first start it off by watering the top layer of the soil which will consequently make the soil moist.

Literally you need to make the first 2-3 inches moist. When watering, best is to apply the rainwater if you have that option available.

Instead of that you could fill the watering can with tap water and leave them like that for about one hours’ time. The purpose of doing this activity is to get rid of the minerals such as chlorine.  

Next go ahead with a diluted balanced fertilizer of 10-10-10. Ensure that you dilute it to quarter strength.

After that you could feed the soil directly as often as once a week during their actively growing phase.

You could keep on doing this before they approach their dormancy. You need to feed these plants more than what you do for the outdoor grown euphorbia succulents.

outdoor euphorbia fertilizer

If you wish to apply fertilizers for the outdoor Euphorbia plants, you need to water their soil around the plants first as aforesaid with rainwater or with tap water which you have filled in a watering can for about one hours’ time.

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Go ahead with a balanced fertilizer of 10:10:10 or 8:8:8 right in the soil in early spring before they produce shoots.

Ideally you need to add about  1-2 pounds of fertilizers for every 100 square feet.  You could feed them either once a week or twice a week when they are in their active growing phase.

Make sure that you do not let the fertilizer be in contact with any part of the Euphorbia plants foliage.

Homemade fertilizer for euphorbia

You may use baking soda to feed the Euphorbia succulents if you are looking for a homemade fertilizer to use.

Apply them right at the base of these plants. Do not apply homemade fertilizers during their dormancy when they have shorter day time along with colder weather conditions.

Instead apply them once a week during their active growing phase. 

Natural fertilizer for euphorbia 

If you are wondering about adding a natural fertilizer, you could consider adding compost.

Alternatively, you may also use an organic fertilizer for this purpose. That will help the plant to have vigorous growth.

Euphorbia Fertilizer

Fertilizer for different euphorbia plants


If you want to feed the poinsettias, you could first get rainwater of about 1 gallon. If you cannot arrange it, you may go ahead with the tap water following the same steps as aforesaid.

That will help the chlorine to dissipate.  To feed them, you need to add a 20:20:20 water soluble fertilizer into the water gallon you prepared earlier.

Remember the quantity of the 20:20:20 water soluble fertilizer should only be one tablespoon.

When feeding them, you need to do it only once a month before they go dormant. Liquid fertilizers are useful to have healthy leaves, graceful blooms and to have stable formation as well.

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Euphorbia milli

Euphorbia milii plants can thrive well on their own and you do not have to bother feeding them even on and off.

However, you could add fertilizers to enrich the soil fertility as well as to stimulate vigorous flower blossoming as well.

You can go ahead with a balanced fertilizer of NPK formulation at a ratio of 10:10:10.

Euphorbia trigona

I recommend applying fertilizers lightly for these plants during their active growing season which usually fall in spring and in summer.

Proceed with a balanced water-soluble succulent fertilizer and apply it only once a month. Suspend feeding them when they are dormant as they do not need it.

If you end up over feeding them when they are dormant during fall and winter it would be unhealthy for the plants.

Euphorbia geroldii

You could go ahead with a light fertilizer for the euphorbia geroldii plants as well.A fertilizer which has a low nitrogen level would suit them the best. You can use it during their growing season.  

Euphorbia ingens

euphorbia ingens plants would prefer to have a water-soluble fertilizer along with a 10:10:10 NPK formulated fertilizer type.

Keep in mind to dilute it to half strength before using them. Use it when they are actively growing but not in dormancy.

Euphorbia obesa 

You could go ahead with a commercial cactus plant fertilizer for this.   

They have high components in Nitrogen which would consequently help the plants to produce new leaves. Avoid using them when they go into dormancy.

Should I water after adding fertilizer?

Best is to avoid watering them after you add fertilizers.


Before concluding, trust this article was useful for you and trust you were able to enhance your knowledge.

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