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Echeveria Ice Green is yet another stunning plant which you may come across in the succulent world. 

Although the plant’s name is Ice Green, its prominent color is not green. The highlight of these plants is the coloring and the markings they get during winter times.

In fact, when they are exposed to low direct sunlight and to colder weather conditions, their leaves would become pink and purple in color. 

Furthermore, Echeveria Ice Green plants are pet friendly too. Not only that but also, they could produce flowers several times annually too. Those flowers are showy too.

Echeveria Ice Green

How do I identify echeveria ice green?

This plants are renowned for the frosty look of the plant foliage. Their leaves are chubby. 

In addition to that their leaves would be short. As aforesaid, when they go through stress their leaves would become pink and purple in color. 

In addition to that their flowering activity would also be useful to identify the plants. In fact, they would produce flowers in red and they would comprise yellow petals as well.

One look care guide

Botanical NameEcheveria Ice Green 
Common NameEcheveria Ice Green
Plant TypeSucculent
Sun ExposureFull sunlight t o Shade
Soil TypeSandy, well draining
Flower ColorRed
Hardiness ZonesUSDA hardiness zones 9b-11b.
Native AreaMexico
ToxicityNon Toxic
Average price 8 USD

How do you take care of echeveria ice green? 

Light Requirement 

It is crucial that you expose this plants for bright indirect sunlight. Consequently, it will help the plants to retain their vibrant color as well as their rosette shape.

You could consider placing the Echeveria Ice Green plants outdoors under full sunlight in seasons like spring and fall. 

On the other hand, be mindful not to expose them to harsh direct sunlight as it could lead to sunburns in the plants. 

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To sum up, make sure that you expose them for full sunlight in cooler weather conditions and shade during intense summer conditions.

Temperature and humidity

They are fond of warmer temperatures. As such avoid exposing them to extreme colder weather conditions since it would be unhealthy for the plants. 

You should protect your Echeveria Ice Green plants by shifting them indoors if there is any forecast of extreme winter conditions.

They could withstand a minimum temperature of 20 degrees Fahrenheit – 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Is it cold hardy?

Echeveria Ice Green plants are not cold hardy plants. 

USDA Hardiness Zone

Echeveria Ice Green plants are hardy in  USDA hardiness zones 9b-11b.

Watering Requirement 

Echeveria Ice Green plants have typical watering requirements just like the rest of other succulents.

You should supply them with adequate water without supplying them with excess water in abundance. 

They hate to be in damp and soggy soil. If you leave them in such conditions, it will make the plants more vulnerable for diseases such as root rot etc.

To explain further on watering, you need to just water them thoroughly and let them wither after that. You need to make sure that your soil mix is dry between two watering sessions. 

Further, in terms of watering frequency, you could water them once every two weeks. Further you could do it less often such as once a month during winter. 

Soil Requirement Type / pH

Echeveria Ice Green plants thrive well in well draining soil mixes. The purpose of having a well-draining soil mix is to allow the excess water to drain through the draining holes rapidly. 

You could either make a soil mix on your own or purchase a succulent soil mix or a cactus soil mix from the stores. 

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If you wish to make a soil mix on your own, you could make it by blending balanced parts of coarse sand, potting soil and perlite. 

Once you add the elements such as coarse sand and perlite, it will fasten the draining of the soil mix.

Flowering and Fragrance

Echeveria Ice Green plants bloom with red flowers.

Pot size Potting and Repotting

You need to go ahead with planting the Echeveria Ice Green plants in a porous material pot which could possibly be either a terracotta pot or a clay pot

When you grow them in such pots, it will ensure a rapid evaporation of excess moisture which is exactly what the plant is in need of. 

Furthermore, you should check whether your pot has sufficient draining holes for the excess water to move through.

In terms of repotting the Echeveria Ice Green plants, you could consider repotting them once every two years. 

Ensure that you report the plants once you purchase them from the stores freshly as chances are that they could have been grown in poor quality soil. 

You may go ahead with the general practice when repotting the Echeveria Ice Green plants as well.

Where to Plant 

Echeveria Ice Green plants’ main requirement is to survive in a place where they can gain indirect bright sunlight

As such you could proceed with growing them as outdoor plants or as indoor plants. Apart from that, if you are someone who lives in a place where you experience extreme colder weather conditions for a longer period you need to grow them indoors. 

Alternatively, you could plant them in a light container and bring them in whenever a colder weather condition is predicted.  

Fertilizer and time of year

It is not mandatory to feed the Echeveria Ice Green plants.

Having said that, if you wish to apply some fertilizers, you could consider adding a light fertilizer as it would be beneficial for the plant’s vigorous growth.

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Echeveria Ice Green plants could go dormant during extreme winter conditions.

Can be toxic to pets

Echeveria Ice Green plants are pet friendly. You can plant this in your home without fear.

Common bugs and illnesses

Echeveria Ice Green plants could resist pests attacks generally. 

However, chances are that they could get invaded from pests such as from mealybugs, aphids etc.

In addition to them, if you end up over watering the Echeveria Ice Green plants, it could create root rots in the plants.

Root rot is very risky as it would be difficult for you to overcome despite what you do. 

Special Care tips

  • Echeveria Ice Green plants can thrive well with minimum supervision from you.
  • However just be mindful of the following things when growing these plants,
  • Refrain from exposing them to intense sunlight for prolonged periods as it could make sunburns in the plants.
  • Avoid spilling water on the leaves as it could create rot in the plants.
  • Always go ahead with a well-draining soil mix to grow the plants
  • Select a pot which has sufficient draining holes so that the excess moisture could move through. 

How to propagate echeveria ice green 

Echeveria Ice Green plants could be propagated by using their offsets and from their leaves as well.

How to propagate the Echeveria Ice Green plants by using offsets

You could spot them forming offsets and you simply have to pull them off and plant them in a well-draining soil mix.

However, before planting, you need to assure that you are keeping them in a dry place where they can develop callousness.

If you wish to use Echeveria Ice Green plants leaves to propagate them, you could follow the general practice when doing that.

Credit to : Desert Succulent
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