Does The Lifesaver Plant Flower? (Yes They Are)

Yes they produce flowers. In fact, when a lifesaver plant flower, you could expect them to flower with some fabulous looking flowers in cream color. 

They form in a pointed manner and feature five lobes and tend to resemble a star shape. Not only that but also, they would comprise of zebra stripes as well. 

They would comprise a thick center. In fact, they resemble a root beer flavored lifesaver too. further they provide a fantastic texture when you add them in your garden. 

Further some people state that they could release a very foul scent as well. However, you will feel it once you go closer to the flowers only.

Lifesaver Plant Flower

More about the flower

To elaborate further, their flowers would be having red zebra stripes and cream-colored petals

They would further consist with a burgundy ring in the center, and it is glossy and rubber like. They have got the common name called lifesaver due to this characteristic only.

Lifesaver plants are small perennial plants and tend to grow in a creeping manner. They could be easily maintained given that you fulfil all its basic growing necessities. 

If I further elaborate on the odor of the plants, it could be quite unpleasant to humans when you go closer to them. However, they are quite attractive for pollinators. In fact, some people compare it to the smell of decaying fish flesh.

How often do lifesavers plant flowers?

You could expect the lifesaver plants to usually flower in late spring through summer. They would stay alive for about five months.

Colors of lifesaver plant flowers

The colors of the lifesaver plant flowers would be burgundy or cream color. In fact, you could spot the zebra stripes in red and their petals in cream color

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Moreover, the center of the flower would be burgundy.

How long do lifesaver plant flower last?

The lifesaver flowers will usually arise in October and would last for approximately five months. As aforesaid they would start flowering in late spring and would stay until summer.

Do they die after flowering?

lifesaver plants do not die after flowering

In fact, many cacti do not die after they flower. Having said that there could also be few cacti which could die after they flower. They are called monocarpic. 

This is how they have naturally constructed.  However, lifesaver plants do not die after flowering.

How to make lifesaver plant flowers?

To make lifesaver plants flowers, it is crucial that you provide them the right level of sunlight. 

That does not mean you should expose them under scorching sunlight, but ideally for full sunlight in the morning hours and partial shade in the afternoon hours.

Apart from that, you need to water the plants properly and grow them in a well draining soil mix too. 

How to care for lifesaver plant flowers? 

Lifesaver plants could be quite handy even for small spaces. Further you could grow them in dish gardens as well.

Light requirements

It is critical that the Lifesaver plants get sufficient sunlight levels for the flowers of the Lifesaver plants to thrive well. 

As such if you grow them indoors, select a bright sunny spot where the plants can gain both bright indirect sunlight as well as partial shade. 

Refrain in exposing the plants for intense sunlight especially in summer as they could result in sunburns. 

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Further if you have grown them indoors and are trying to move them outdoors, ensure that you are slowly acclimating them to full sunlight unless it could traumatize the plants as well as the flowers.

Soil requirement

It is quite important that you grow them in a well-draining soil mix when taking care of the plants as well as the flowers well. 

Do not grow them in a regular soil mix as they are not fast draining soil and lead to root rot. Best would be to go ahead with succulent soil mix or with cactus soil mix which are readily available at all the garden stores. 

Those soil mixes consist of sand and perlite which are beneficial in fastening the draining of the soil mix.

Further ensure that you grow them in porous pots. When you grow them in porous pots, they would evaporate the moisture in the pot faster which is exactly what the plants are in need of.

Water requirement

Lifesaver plants’ watering requirement is quite minimal just like the rest of other succulents and cactus. Simply water them if their soil is dry only

To ascertain that you could simply place your finger in the pot and check the soil condition. Further you need to water them thoroughly and ensure that no excess moisture is retained in the pot.

You could water them more during their growing seasons when their soil is dry. Before proceeding with watering ensure that you ascertain the soil is dry and only then resume watering them. 

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To ascertain this, you could simply place your finger in the soil and check whether it is soggy and damp. 

You could suspend watering the plants during winter and fall as during these periods they would be literally on their relaxing mode and do not consume any energy.

Temperature and Humidity

Lifesaver plants require warmer temperature levels to thrive well. As such if you are growing them indoors, you could select a spot in your patio or on the porch in summer. 

Having said that, keep in mind that you should not expose them to intense heated temperature levels though.  

If there is any forecast of a colder temperature level, you need to shift them indoors so that they will be protected. When the weather conditions get better, you could bring them outdoors.


I recommend feeding them once a month along with a special succulent plant food. Alternatively, you could also use a special liquid succulent plant fertilizer as well. 

However best is to apply half of the recommended amount. Avoid feeding them when they are dormant.

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