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If you ask me “ do rat tail cactus flowers?” The answer is Yes they are a flowering plant and their flowers are red, pink or orange in color. 

In general,rat tail cactus bloom rarely and they would flower during both spring and summer seasons.

However, rat tail cactus is well known for its long trailing stems which would be about 4 feet in length when they mature. They have inherited this nickname due to the formation of their stem.

The flowers  are tubular in shape and about two inches in length. 

Apart from that, you could spot blooms only on their mature plants. Their flowering seasons would last  for about a couple of months. On the other hand, individual blooms could last for several days only.

rat tail cactus flowers

Why is the rat tail cactus flowering?

Rat tail cactus produce flowers for the purpose of reproduction just like the other cactus.

Rat tail cactus would start producing flowers when they get mature enough and strong enough to form flowers for the reproduction process.

What do rat tail cactus flowers look like?

Rat tail cactus flowers are tubular shaped, and you may spot them in violet, red colors or in idiosyncratic colors such as pink or in orange.

In terms of the sizes of the rat tail cactus flowers, they are large. Literally they could be about two inches in width.

As aforesaid, you could spot the rat tail cactus flowering in both spring and in summer. However, during the late spring season, you may spot only a minimum number of flowers and they will stay alive for a short period

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What do rat tail cactus flowers smell like?

Rat Tail cactus flowers do not carry any specific fragrance.

How long do rat tail cactus flowers last?

Although the flowering season lasts for months, flowers would last for only a couple of days.

Are rat tail cactus flowers toxic?

Unfortunately, we do not have any evidence to specify whether the rat tail cactus flowers are toxic or not.

Is the rat tail cactus flower lucky?

Unfortunately, we do not have any information to decide whether the pencil cactus flowers are lucky or not. It is something which we are yet to reveal.

rat tail cactus flowers

Parts of rat tail cactus flowers?

The flowers of the rat tail cactus would consist of stalks and petals etc. The flower stalks separate flowers from the leaves and help pollinators to reach the flower.

The petals of the flower attract pollinators to the flower with beautiful colors. 

How to make a rat tail cactus flower?

If you are an owner of rat tail cactus and  wondering how to make them flower, you could try these simple tactics. Having said that, you need to try that  only when they are mature enough.  

First and foremost, you need to check on the pH of the soil. It is true that rat tail cactus would survive in almost all soil mediums which have a wide array of pH. Having said that, they would still love to grow in their expected pH of the soil.

Best would be to use a soil mix which has a pH range of 5.0- 6, and it would perfectly work on your rat tail cactus.

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To make it an even better soil mix, you may mix the soil medium with coarse sand. You could adjust the pH of the soil by  using fertilizers or even organic elements and convert it to a healthy ph. of the soil mix.

Secondly, make sure that you provide the rat tail cactus with adequate sunlight.  So that they could thrive well and start flowering.

In addition to providing adequate sunlight, it is important that you water them properly as well. However, you do not need to water the cactus regularly.

You could do it less often which will be enough for the rat tail cactus to thrive well and start flowering. 

I would recommend watering them once every couple of weeks during their growing season.

Apart from the above, I would encourage you to keep the rat tail cactus cold and dry as flower blossoming could benefit from that.

Moreover you could consider repotting since that will provide the fresh nutrients for them to stimulate the blooming.

Not only that but also, you need to make sure that you water them properly. As that would also be useful for them to flower. You need to water them well in their growing seasons. During winter, you could let them dry.

 If you ensure that you do all these steps, you would be rewarded with flowers of rat tail cactus.

rat tail cactus flowers 2 1

Uses of the Rat tail cactus

Many people particularly in rural areas tend to dry the flowers of the rat tail cactus and use them for medicinal purposes.

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In addition to that, you could see how they have been grown as decorative plants along with their flowers.

Can The Flower Be Used in Flower Arrangements?

We do not have any information to specify whether we can use the flowers of the rat tail cactus for flower arrangements.

Do rat tail cactuses die after flowering?

Rat tail cacti do not perish once they flower. However, their flowers would last for only a couple of days.

Related questions

How do I get my rat tail cactus to bloom?

As aforesaid, if you wish to make your rat tail cactus flower, you need to water them appropriately.

In addition to that, ensure that you provide it with adequate sunlight along with a right soil mix too.

How often do rat tail cactus bloom?

Rat tail cactus bloom in both spring and summer.


As you may now understand, it would be lovely to have one of the rat tail cacti in your house as an indoor plant due to its fabulous flowering activity.

On top of that, they require only a minimum maintenance. Thus even a fresher in gardening could start gardening with this cactus.

Credit to : Desert Plants of Avalon
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