Crassula Marnieriana ( You Would Be Fascinated By This Plant )

Crassula marnieriana are yet another fascinating succulent in any succulent gardeners’ collection. Crassula marnieriana go by the common names of worm plants, Chinese Jade, Jade necklace and vine baby necklace. 

If you are a succulent enthusiast who lives in colder areas, these plants would be a great pick for you.

They are hardy plants and can thrive in light freeze conditions as well. Crassula marnieriana belongs to the genus Crassula and it has more than 200 species included. Out of these, Crassula marnieriana are one of the most unique looking succulent.

Crassula Marnieriana

Crassula marnieriana have leaves formed stacking in a vertical manner. Further they will carry blushed pink edges as well. 

If you are a succulent lover, you might already have some crassula species. So, Crassula marnieriana is a plant which you should never miss.

In general, the Crassula plants have a strange shape and unusually stacked leaves. However, Crassula marnieriana is even more unique and glamorous in looks as they tend to take the structure of a living necklace. 

Crassula marnieriana are endemic plants to South Africa, Lesotho and to Switzerland. Many people use these plants as ornamental plants and as hanging plants. 

Crassula marnieriana requires easy maintenance. You only need to fulfill some of the key growing conditions for them to thrive well. 

So, we will be covering some of the tips you need to practice when looking after them from this article. If you are a keen succulent grower who wishes to start growing them, it would be worth reading this article. 

How do I identify crassula marnieriana?

Crassula marnieriana have unique characteristics. To elaborate further on this, the smaller Crassula marnieriana plants grow in an erecting manner. 

They consist of slender branches which carry leaves and they grow while stacking on each other. They will reach a maximum height of 20 cm ( 8 inches ). Further, chances are that they can droop and develop training growths from the pot as well.

Crassula marnieriana leaves are light green. Further chances are that they will carry pink edges as well. 

Besides, the Crassula marnieriana leaves would be plump. If you manage to look after the Crassula marnieriana well, they will produce flowers in pink. 

They are small and star shaped. Those flowers will arise in clusters and you could spot them flowering either in spring or in summer. 

Size of the plant

Crassula marnieriana would reach a maximum height of 20 cm ( 8 inches ) when they mature.

Growth rate

Crassula marnieriana tend to grow rapidly. Hence you need to consider repotting them once every two years also.

One look care guide

Botanical NameCrassula marnieriana
Common NameWorm plant
Chinese Jade
Jade necklace
Vine baby necklace
Plant TypeSucculent
Mature Sizeheight of 20 cm ( 8 inches )
Sun ExposureFull sunlight to partial shade
Soil TypeWell-draining and well aerating
Soil pHNeutral
Bloom TimeSpring or summer
Flower ColorPink
Hardiness ZonesUSDA hardiness Zone 11a (Minimum 40° F | 4.5° C)
Native AreaSouth Africa, Lesotho and to Switzerland
ToxicityNon toxic
Average price 7 USD

How do you take care of crassula marnieriana?

Light Requirement 

Crassula marnieriana appreciate full sunlight when they grow, especially when you grow them outdoors. 

Having said that, they can tolerate partial shade as well. Due to the demand of the sunlight they have , I recommend placing them at the brightest sunny spot at your home when you add them as houseplants. 

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Only then it will allow them to grow to their best and come up in the vibrant colors as aforesaid.

Temperature and humidity.

Crassula marnieriana are tolerant of cold and weak frost. In fact, they can tolerate a minimum temperature up to -2 degrees Celsius. 

However, you need to protect them from extreme frost unless it would create unhealthy repercussions on the plants. 

However, do not locate them near cold drafts and heat drafts as it would be unhealthy for the plants.


Crassula marnieriana produces flowers in pink or in white. Further their flowering season would be either in spring or in summer.

Crassula Marnieriana

Is it cold hardy?

Crassula marnieriana are a little cold hardy as explained above.

USDA Hardiness Zone

Crassula marnieriana prefer to grow in USDA hardiness Zone 11a (Minimum 40° F | 4.5° C)

Watering Requirement

Watering the Crassula marnieriana plants accurately is the prime thing you want to do when looking after them well. 

If there are any lapses in watering them, it would create so many bad impacts on the plants growth and could even result in the health deterioration in the plants. 

If you had supplied water in abundance and grown them in a poor draining substrate that would be the biggest mistake that you would make when looking after them. it would literally kill the plants.

When watering, you need to water them in small amounts during the period of October to May. However, it could vary depending on the geographical area, weather and on the rainfall the plants get. 

Make it a habit to check soil moisture level before you water them. Ideally it needs to be dry. 

When you grow them outdoors, you should water them more often in summer and in spring. During these periods, the moisture in the soil evaporates faster.

However, except in this situation, ensure that you keep the potting medium dry between two watering sessions. 

You need to watch out for the moisture in the soil during seasons like in winter and in autumn as it will take a little longer .The reason for that is because the water evaporation would be slow during these periods.  

Once you complete watering the Crassula marnieriana plants, ensure that the excess moisture is draining away from the potholes.  

When you place the plants indoors during winter, it will anyway take a longer period to wither. Hence do not pour them with water in excess as it could create lethal impacts on the plants as explained in the above.

Soil Requirement Type / ph.

Crassula marnieriana requires a substrate which is not nourished with nutrients. They would ideally prefer to have a porous substrate which is well aerating and well-draining. 

If you grow them outdoors, you do not have to select any specific soil type given that the soil mixes available there are porous, well-draining and low in nutrients. 

You need to specially go for a potting medium which is well draining when you grow them as houseplants.

The reason for that is because they take a longer time to wither since they get low light levels.  

If you keep them in waterlogged conditions, it will lead the plants to rot. Hence, I urge you to use a cactus specific substrate as the best soil type to use when you grow them indoors. 

Additionally, you can use a universal culture substrate also for this purpose. However, when using them, ensure that you mix it with perlite also so that it will enhance the draining of the potting medium.

Crassula Marnieriana

Pot size Potting and Repotting

Crassula marnieriana would perform well if you provide a pot which has a draining hole. Additionally, it needs to be a porous pot as well. 

When it comes to repotting the Crassula marnieriana plants, I recommend doing it in spring . 

Further since they are fast growers , you need to do it once every two years as explained in the beginning of the article.

Besides, when you repot, you need to go for a slightly larger pot. However, if you have planted them outdoors, you do not need to worry about transplanting them. 

However, if there is not enough space for them to grow, you can replant them somewhere where they can grow freely and vigorously. 

You have to follow the same steps which you would regularly do with the rest of other succulents when repotting these plants also. 

Where to Plant

Crassula marnieriana plants do not handle cold well. 

Hence if you live in areas where the temperature gets colder than the 40 degrees Fahrenheit, you need to plant them in pots which you can relocate easily in and out from the house. Keep in mind to fulfill their sunlight requirement when you shift them indoors.

Fertilizer and time of year

Crassula marnieriana do not have a strong demand for fertilizers. However, for the plants which you grow in pots, you can consider feeding

That would be quite productive particularly to enhance the flowering of the Crassula marnieriana plants. I recommend using fertilizers which are specially designed for cacti and for succulents from March to September. 

Further keep in mind that you should always feed the plants when their soil is moist. Besides, when applying fertilizers, you need to follow the instructions which are on the label. 


Crassula marnieriana are summer dormant plants.


Crassula marnieriana are non toxic plants

Common bugs and illnesses

Despite the location you locate the Crassula marnieriana plants, they may suffer from diseases, pests attack and from fungal infections mainly due to the lapses in watering methods of you.

Besides, if you grow them in an excessive humid and poorly ventilated place, it will also attract pests and other fungal and bacterial infections. 

Additionally, if you leave them exposed to intense sunlight, it will also result in scorches in the plants.

You may remedy the root rot by using the fungicides. Further if the root rot has occurred on a severe level, you should consider repotting them.

Besides you need to watch out for pests attacks specially from mealybugs, scales etc. You can treat the mealybugs with a good horticultural soap. 

Additionally keep in mind that these plants want good aeration also to grow healthily. . If there is poor air circulation around the plants, it will cause powdery mildew attacks. 

Apart from these, Crassula marnieriana plants are hardy and versatile sets of plants.

Special Care tips

Crassula marnieriana plants do not expect pruning usually. However, if there are any dead or decaying growth, you need to prune them so that it will give a neat look for the plants. 

Crassula marnieriana benefits 

Crassula marnieriana plants are useful indoor plants. Further you can use them as ornamental plants too. Crassula marnieriana plants act as air purifying plants also as they can convert a small amount of household carbon dioxide into oxygen.

Crassula Marnieriana

How to propagate crassula marnieriana 

By cuttings

If you are wondering about the best way of propagating the Crassula marnieriana plants, cutting propagation method would be ideal.

First, wait until spring or summer comes and then start propagating them.

First, you must select the cuttings you wish to propagate. Next you can make the cuttings of the plants. When you make the cuttings, ensure that the tools you are using are all disinfected. 

Further ensure there are no remaining parts of the leaves also on the stems. Next leave the cuttings in a damp napkin for about one day. After that you can place the cuttings in the substrate and moisten them.

You will see how they produce roots within 10 days. Do not over water them as it would be the biggest mistake you would do when looking after the plants. Next place the specimen in a semi shaded place and let them grow.

By seeds

First, spring and summer are the best seasons to conduct the propagation by seeds. You need to select a location where there are sufficient sunlight levels for this process though

Furthermore, select a sandy well aerating and well-draining soil mix as well. Keep the soil slightly moistened. 

Ideal temperature here should be 23-27 degrees Celsius. ( 73- 80 degrees Fahrenheit ).

You need to first obtain the seeds from the plants and store them in a dry and dark place at room temperature. 

Next plant the seeds in the light soil mix whilst keeping a space of 2* 2 cm ( 1 inch – 1 inch ). The depth of the sowing should be 0.5 cm. It would take about 3-6 weeks’ time to produce the roots. 

In water

First obtain the leaves from the plants. Ensure the leaves you are selecting are healthy. . Further you can gently remove those from the stem whilst using your fingers

Further obtain the whole leaf for this purpose as only then you can have successful results of the propagation. 

Do not use damaged leaves for this as then you cannot guarantee the results. Next let those cuttings wither for about two days. That will allow them to develop callousness.

Finally, you can place them in water. To do that first arrange a cup where you can fit in the cuttings. After that add water into the cup and place the leaves slightly above the water surface. 

However, there are some people who let the leaves’ edges be in contact with the water surface also. That method will also work well. 

Next leave the specimen in a bright sunny spot but not in a place where they will be exposed for direct sunlight.

When they start rooting, you can water them as appropriate. Next you can plant those cuttings in individual pots. 

However, before planting , let them dry for a few days and only after that you need to plant them in a suitable potting mix. You can continue with the regular care treatments after that.


Crassula marnieriana plants are worthwhile plants which anybody would want to have. They would catch anybody’s attention due to the unique looks they have.

They would be excellent houseplants as well. All you need to do is to look after them well so that they will perform well. Happy cultivating with Crassula marnieriana !

Credit to : Summer Rayne Oakes
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