5 Unique Facts About Aeonium Kiwi Flower

The Aeonium kiwi flower comes up with shade in yellow. However, you need to keep in mind that Aeonium kiwi succulents are monocarpic succulents which means these plants would die after they finished flowering. So, you should be tactful here in propagating before this takes place.

Before proceeding further to briefly explain on the Aeonium kiwi succulents, they are a set of majestic tri-colored succulents.

They would comprise spoon -shaped leaves which form in fantastic rosettes. It is somewhat difficult to find out the origin of these Aeonium kiwi succulent plants.

However, they are in fact a hybrid version of Aeonium haworthii. As such we could assume this plant is originating from the Canary Islands.

You could spot Aeonium kiwi succulents being planted in so many gardens. Even beginners could consider growing these since this plant only requires a little care and  treatment.

These plants usually tend to take a tri color look when they are exposed to direct sunlight. They have a yellow center, green colored leaves and reddish or pink tips of the leaves. 

aeonium kiwi flower

How often do Aeonium kiwi flower?

You could expect the Aeonium kiwi succulents to bloom with large, yellow-colored flowers on and off.

As aforesaid these are monocarpic plants which mean the plants would die once they complete flowering.

Colors of Aeonium kiwi flower

Aeonium kiwi flowers are mainly yellow in color.

As aforesaid, these plants would consist of rose, yellow and green colors when you grow them in containers or in hanging baskets, or even in raised planters.

Their breathtaking rosette formation makes this plant look more attractive. Once they mature, they will rise to 2-3 feet in height. In terms of width, they would be the same as height too.

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Many people tend to grow the Aeonium kiwi succulents due to their tri-color in the foliage. Their flowers look like stars.

How long do Aeonium kiwi flowers last? 

We do not have any reports to mention on how long the flowers would stay alive.

However, it is important to note that these are monocarpic plants which means the plants would perish once they complete flowering.                                                              

How to make Aeonium kiwi flowers?

Flowering of the Aeonium kiwi succulents is somewhat a slow process. However, to make them flower you could do the following.

  1. Expose them for half a day of morning sunlight. You could do this for both indoor grown and for outdoor grown plants. This would help these plants to chemically be prepared to produce flowers. 
  2. Further, keep watering them moderately but less often. 
  3. Refrain from watering them with excess  water. 
  4. You could consider feeding them with an appropriate fertilizer during their active growing season.
aeonium kiwi flower

How to care for Aeonium kiwi flowers? 

Since the Aeonium kiwi perish after flowering you do not have much to do to care for the Aeonium kiwi flower. But here are some tips to take care of the plant itself. 

Aeonium kiwi succulents go into dormancy during the summer season. You could expect most of their growth to take place during the winter season. 

They could thrive outdoors during the summer season but not in intense heat and humid conditions. So, best would be to bring them indoors during this period. 

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When you are growing them indoors, it is best to locate them near a bright sunny windowsill.

Anyway, Aeonium kiwi succulents would require only a minimum care treatment from you. Having said that you could consider doing the regular pruning which will consequently help to keep the plant attractive and healthy.

When watering the Aeonium kiwi succulents, they are somewhat contrary to the rest of other succulents since they would thrive in little moisture conditions.

Watering the Aeonium kiwi succulents properly is very useful when caring for the flowers of Aeonium kiwi succulents.  

When it comes to watering them in their dormant season, you only need to water them if their leaves are wrinkled only. You need to adhere to the aforesaid methods when caring for Aeonium kiwi succulents’ flowers.

In addition to above, you need to ensure that you are exposing the Aeonium kiwi succulents for adequate sunlight as well.

It is a crucial factor when it comes to taking care of the flowers of the Aeonium kiwi succulents.

The exposure of intense sunlight for these plants would be so unhealthy for the flowers and for the plant as well. If you do so, chances are that your plant will end up having sunburns.

They only require direct sunlight for a couple of hours only. However, if they don’t get the adequate sunlight, chances are that the flowers’ color, and the foliage color would tend to lose.

The people who usually grow them as indoor plants will have to encounter this issue. However, I would recommend growing them under a grow light so that the flowers of the Aeonium kiwi succulents would also be benefited from that.

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Finally, growing the Aeonium kiwi succulents in the right soil mix is also important when taking care of the flowers of these plants.

As you may already know, it is mandatory that you should grow these plants in a well-draining soil mix. Avoid growing them in a regular soil mix since it would not be very effective.

I would recommend growing them in a cactus soil mix or in a succulent soil mix. 

Apart from that, it is important that you keep your beloved Aeonium kiwi succulents under your observation and see whether there are any signs of pest infestations.

If you find any, you need to attend to them then and there.   



Aeonium kiwi succulents are monocarpic succulents which means these plants would die after they finished flowering. So apparently you have only one chance to see the Aeonium kiwi flower in one plant.

By the way you can enhance flowering by changing the light intensity and period provided to the plant.

After all, if you give a good care, you can see the beautiful yellow color Aeonium kiwi flowers one fine day.

Trust this was interesting, and you were able to learn about the flowers of the Aeonium kiwi succulents. Happy gardening! 

Credit to: Laura Eubanks
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