10 Hardy And Beautiful Succulents For The Bathroom

Have you ever wondered What are the best succulents for the bathroom? You should be very wise in selecting them since all plant types cannot survive in conditions like those.

That is simply because the level of humidity will be high compared to other atmospheres.

Additionally, they will not get adequate sunlight as well. Having said that, succulents could be very handy in using bathrooms as most of them are hardy and they can thrive in the bathroom conditions.

succulents For The Bathroom

Succulents for the bathroom

Let us have a deeper look as to what type of succulents would suit better for conditions in a bathroom and which would survive with a little care treatment from you.

Aloe Vera

By far this is the best succulent which we could grow in a bathroom. Aloe Vera is an attractive tropical succulent which will look fascinating in a bathroom.

Aloe plants could be beneficial for us in some other ways too.

There are certain contradictory views and thoughts on this plant, as some people introduce it as a cactus. This is an endemic plant in Arabian Peninsula.

Aloe Vera succulent will flourish in bathrooms simply because they do not need direct sunlight for their survival.

Furthermore, we do not need to water them frequently either. They do not require us to apply fertilizers on them too.

Considering that  you are someone who can’t spare any time to care for a plant which you want to grow in a bathroom, Aloe Vera would be the best choice for you.

When you water the Aloe Vera succulents, make sure that the first few inches of the soil surface is dry before you proceed with another  watering session.

Aloe vera is a useful plant as it has so many health benefits.in fact many people use it as a medicinal plant to heal wounds .

succulents For The Bathroom

Chinese Money Plant

Chinese money plant’s one more common name is  pancake plant t. It’s scientific name  is  Pilea peperomioides. This could be a great pick for indoor greenery.

Chinese money plants will contain leaves in coin shapes.  Chances are that you could see them  in pancake shape too. You could  spot their leaves  in bright green color. They look very elegant and vibrant.

This is a Chinese native plant. You could find these money plants in Sichuan and in Yunan. This was quite a popular plant among the gardeners all over the world.

Chinese money plant is a famous succulent especially among Europeans as a famous attractive indoor grown plant. 

Lot of people tend to grow Chinese money plants due to their enchanting looks. Apart from that, they are easy to maintain and hence why people tend to grow them as house plants.

They are also the type of succulents which would require indirect sunlight. Repotting is also very easy as we could do it simply using a cutting.

When you water, ensure that the soil is dry enough. They require fertilizers to stay attractive. You could Fertilize them every two months.  

succulents For The Bathroom

Orchid cactus

You could call this  Epiphyllym and this is a cactus type. It is a hybrid type native to Mexico. This could be one great addition if you look for a plant which you need to grow in a hanging basket.

It could be trailing from the basket as it grows.

Orchid blooms with some attractive flowers which would stay alive for weeks. Bathrooms would be the best location for the orchids to be grown.

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That is because their flowers are bound with orchids and they do not like to  be exposed to strong winds since it could trouble  them. 

By placing them in bathrooms, orchid flowers will not have any interruption from them. 

You could  easily propagate them  through their cuttings.

Provide  them a well-draining soil mix. Simultaneously, choose a proper planting pot too. It should have adequate drainage holes for better results.

Orchids are hard plants. However when you are growing it indoors, apply fertilizers once bimonthly for a better outcome.

succulents For The Bathroom

Ox tongue Succulent

Ox tongue succulent has a close relationship to the Aloe Vera plant. In fact people call it the cousin of Aloe Vera.

Certain botanists have stated that they look alike in appearances. Nobody has  scientifically proved this though. 

Nevertheless, Ox tongue is a graceful succulent when it grows to its fullest potential despite where we  locate them. 

Their leaves will be longer and will carry the shape of a tongue which is the same as Aloe Vera. They have inherited their name based on that.

 It is a slow grower hence why it is a perfect fit for indoors as well as for a bathroom.we do not have to provide them any  larger pot  to grow well.  Ox tongue has numerous species also included.

Ox tongue does not want direct sunlight to survive. Further they are easy to care for succulents too.

This is the one , if you are someone who just wants to plant it and doesn’t want to  bother taking care of it often. You may fertilize them every two months for best results.

succulents For The Bathroom

Rex Begonia Vine

Rex begonia is found native in East Asia. This is a tropical succulent type though it is called a begonia. Hot and humid conditions would be perfect environmental conditions for them to thrive.

When they are grown in their natural habitat, they will rise to 10 feet high. On the other hand, they will be about maximum six feet tall when grown indoors.

Ensure that you place a pole or even a trellis which will help the plant to climb as it grows. This could be perfect as a graceful plant in a hanging basket too.

It is a treat to watch when they grow in different colors along with the love shaped leaves. It will make the bathroom look fascinating.

Provide them with fertilizers every two weeks and well draining soil too.

succulents For The Bathroom

Pillow feet plant

People call this commonly crinkle leaf plant too. They usually comprise foliage in a crinkled nature.

Hence why they have got that name. Pillow feet plant originates from South Africa. Their leaves will be plump and form in a rosette.

 Further the leaves will look like they are  crinkled and will contain small hairs. Due to the small hairs , they get a powdery look.

Pillow feet plant will be one foot in height and two feet wide as it grows to its matured size. These  features make them a great choice for a bathroom.

succulents For The Bathroom

Dolphin Necklace succulent

Dolphin Necklace is a hybrid of the combination of hot dog plant and the string of pearls plant.

This is a cute looking trailing succulent, and it will be pleasing to watch them growing irrespective of  the location they are placed. 

The leaf of the dolphin necklace succulent resembles a dolphin pendant on a necklace thus, people call it  by that name. If you are a dolphin fan , you may add one of these to your bathroom.

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On top of that, they can survive in tiny little pots or in containers. Further they do not require direct sunlight or frequent watering.

You only have to fertilize  them  once every year. So, this will be one great succulent for a bathroom.

succulents For The Bathroom

Elephant Bush

Dwarf Jade plant is another name which you could use to call l Elephant bush. This is an endemic plant in South Africa. You could use it for  bonsai as well.

This could be useful in growing indoors where there is more room and height available. You can select this if you wish to have a plant which looks like a tree and you  could  spot this at once.

Deep reddish branches of elephant bush plants are a unique feature of them. Furthermore, elephants are also fond of eating this in the wild.

This is also an easy to care plant as it is naturally used to tough drought conditions.

succulents For The Bathroom

Mistletoe Cactus

This is an exceptional cactus which forms white and yellow flowers often. It is an interesting epiphyte. Mistletoe Cactus is found native in South America.

They would only want indirect sunlight on an insignificant level. This is well adapted to high levels of humidity. Hence, they would be very handy in using bathrooms.

For better looks, you can place them in a hanging pot or in a hanging basket in your barroom.

succulents For The Bathroom

Ghost Plant

These are some attractive plants which would contain trailing long stems along with thick rosettes. They would also be perfect fits for hanging baskets. When they are in full blossom, it will be a treat to watch them.

This plant originates from the rocky mountain region and it is a native plant there. The powdery looks and the attractive colors are two unique features of the ghost’s plants. It is pleasing to watch them grow due to their attractive looks.

succulents For The Bathroom

Can succulents live in the shower?

If you ever wonder whether the succulents can stay alive in the shower and in the bathroom, yes, it is possible for them to thrive in those conditions.

You could spot Succulents commonly among the indoor grown house plants.  We can grow them as house plants since we could  easily maintain them, and they will not require a lot of space to grow.

We need to grow them in tiny pots or even in containers which contain an adequate number of draining holes. Then water could move through without getting stored at the bottom of the pot.

In terms of humidity level at the bathrooms, it is usually high. Hence, certain types of succulent which could survive in those conditions will be a great pick for this purpose.

Humidity is the level of gaseous water available in the air. As much evaporation takes place,  the more gaseous water gathers in the air. Then it causes high humidity.

Not all succulents can thrive in bathrooms also. Especially the leaves which are sensitive towards humidity are not suitable for this purpose.

Main factors  which help the succulents to survive in these conditions are the thickness of  the leaves as well as their ability to  adapt to these conditions.

The succulents which could survive in bathrooms are the ones which usually have fleshy leaves and which could tolerate the moisture.

However, high levels of humidity can affect the plant’s growth and in those circumstances, you need to take necessary actions to control it. You can minimize the shower heat, place wet towels inside the bathroom etc.

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When you select a succulent for a bathroom, first you check on the succulent variety and see whether it can thrive in those conditions. 

There could be certain succulents which require sunlight. Then avoid growing them in bathrooms as the sunlight in the bathroom is very limited.

Succulents For The Bathroom 2

Do succulents like high humidity

In fact, high levels of humidity are not healthy for a succulent’s proper growth and they do not like it. 

Humidity is literally the amount of the gaseous water available in the air. When the level of humidity is high, there is a probability of occurring fog or dew.

In fact, high levels of humidity are not healthy for a succulent’s proper growth. That is because it will add on the soil’s moisture. Moisture for prolonged periods in the soil could cause several issues for the plant.

When the humidity level is high around the plant, pests such as fungus will try to invade the plants.

They could harm the leaves as well as the stems of the plant. At this point of time, Root rot can take place. Moreover chances are that sometimes, the succulent will end up getting perished too.

If the humidity is on a moderate level, there are certain succulents which could tolerate that.

Succulents For The Bathroom 2 1

How to keep succulents in bathroom

High levels of humidity can cause the plant various types of troubles. Hence, you need to take special steps to control the humidity level.

You can practice the following tricks when you try to control the humidity level of the bathroom.

Ensure that you select the correct succulent type which could survive in a bathroom.

Here are some more other tips which you could practice when keeping the succulents in the bathroom.

Ensure that you select succulents in smaller sizes. It is not essential to provide a vast greenery display in a place like a  bathroom.

Try to arrange an adequate room by rearranging the bathroom. You can place your succulent on top of a stool.

Other than that, If you wish, you can just locate them on the floor of the bathroom. Finally, consider placing a shower caddy to make more room for them.

You can make more space by putting the bathroom essential in small bins. That will provide you with additional space.

You may consider placing them near a windowsill too. For Feng shui believers, they could place their succulent on the toilet tank as per their belief. 

Try using hanging baskets also if skylight is available.  They would add more grace to your bathroom.

Place them in wall frames, that would be one great way of displaying your greenery without consuming any space in the bathroom.

How to keep succulents in the bathroom with no window?

Firstly, ensure that you select a plant which grows well under low light. We can suggest the following succulents to consider in growing in windowless bathrooms.

Bromeliads, epiphytes, and tropical plants will be suitable picks for bathrooms without windows.

Furthermore, you can be tactful in using grow lights or a fluorescent light to add artificial light.

Moreover you can relocate your plants in and out of your bathroom to supply at least turns of sunlight from any other sunny windows available.

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