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In this article we are going to talk about “how long can succulents survive in a box?”. This topic is important for both succulent buyers as well as sellers. So let’s dig in

Succulents Survive in a Box

How Long Can Succulents Survive in a Box?

The  survival time for succulents  in a box generally is about 10-14 days. 

Succulents are generally hardy plants and they could thrive without water for a few months (up to 3 months). 

Having said that, there could be some types of succulents which could survive only up to two weeks if they do not get lighting conditions. 

However, in general context, succulents could manage to survive for about ten to fourteen days in a box.

This means, succulents could manage to thrive in conditions where they do not have soil, water supply and lighting conditions only up to approximately from 10 days to 14 days. 

There could be off cases where you could make them last in aforesaid situations for about one month.

Can succulent survive in a box?

The answer is yes. As mentioned earlier, succulents are generally a hardy set of plants, and they could survive in boxes as aforesaid for about 10-14 days

However, factors such as temperatures could impact on these succulents where you have put them in a box.

There could be certain situations where the plants get exposed to colder temperatures and it could impact succulent plants’ survival.

Moreover, to reiterate, they cannot survive without water, soil, and light for more than 10-14 days.

Why put succulent in a box?

There could be several occasions where you need to put succulents in a box. Imagine that you are willing to send succulents as a gift item for someone who likes.

You might wonder whether it would be possible for the plant to survive and placing them in a box and sending them would be the best option.

Having said that, you need to make sure that it reaches the recipient in a short period of time. It could be very useful for shipping purposes as well.

can succulents Survive in a Box

Transporting succulent in box

You need to proceed with using containers if they especially plant parts which are gentle and which have a high potential of falling off and then place them in a box

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When you place them in boxes, it makes sure that the plant remains in its full shape and keeps it unharmed.

Further consider that you are transporting the succulents which are bare root, the best is to wrap the whole pot and plant it.

Make sure that you refrain from watering for about 4-5 days when you pack them. Literally you could plant them in plastic bins, nursery flats and trays or even in tiny containers to pack and after that you could move your succulents in the box.

When you utilize the aforesaid material containers, it could create only a minimal soil spilling and further it will reduce the risk of falling off the inside the box in case the vehicle goes through a sudden movement or in a vibration.

Those will keep the plants standing straightforward and unharmed.

However, when you transport the succulents in a box, do not forget to cover the surface of the pot or the container and that will avoid any potential soil spilling.

However when you do this make sure the container soil is dry. In addition to that, make sure that you pack the succulents in the box, and mark the box outer surface where the side is up so that you could avoid any potential tipping which would be beneficial when unboxing.

How long can succulents live without soil?

The survival period for succulents without soil would be generally  one or two days.  However, to reiterate they cannot live longer without soil.

Succulents also need soil as their main nutrient supplier of which the requirement is same as the rest of the plants.

If we take succulent arrangement in pots for an example, the majority of them do not have soil.

As such succulents cannot survive any longer than a couple of days and you need to immediately plant them in a well-draining soil.

Succulents may appear as epiphytes (could grow on the surface of a plant and make air as their prominent nutrient source).

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Their growth habits are in contrast to those epiphytes though they look similar to epiphytes. Perfect examples for epiphytes are plants such as orchids and air plants.

can succulents Survive in a Box

How long can succulents be bare root?

You could keep succulents bare root for about one week. To reiterate succulents are a set of hardy plants and they could thrive without water for some time.

However, ideally what you need to do is to reduce the plant’s stress. As such if you are transporting bare-root succulents, it will help the plant in not having any potential decay of the plant which could take place as a result of water storage in the soil.

Moreover, it could avoid any potential soil spilling too in case the plant comes across any sudden movement or vibration.

Finally, it could avoid having stem etiolation too which would ultimately create weaker stems or leaves.

To prepare those, you need to refrain from watering them prior to transporting and you need to take off the plants from where they are placed in a gentle manner without harming the plant.

After that, you could just give a little shake to the plant and that you could get rid of the excess soil from doing that.

Leave it somewhere for about two days’ time where the roots could dry themselves. If you still find them too moist you could trim the roots.  

How long can succulents live without water

Succulents can survive in a box generally up to 10 days to 14 days without water.

Succulents are generally a hardy set of plants and chances are that the succulents could thrive without water for up to 3 months.

How to air dry succulents for shipping?

It is essential to educate yourself as to how you should air dry the succulents since it is a part of their routine care, and you might have to do that during certain special occasions as well.

It is vital to have a root system of a succulent which is dry in condition, and which is in great shape. Those factors would contribute for the well being and for good health of the succulents.

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As such air drying would be very handy here and it is relatively an easy activity to do as well. To start this off you only need to arrange a pair of scissors along with some tissues.

In addition to that, you need to allocate a place where you could lay the succulents to wither.

First step would be to clean your succulent plant from its dirt which has surrounded the root system. As the next step, you need to snip the roots.

After that, you should give them a thorough rinse. Once it is done, it is time for you to make the root system dry whilst using a tissue. 

Leave it somewhere where they can air dry. You could leave them like that for a few days. If you wish you could extend that up to several days also if you think it has not dried enough.

Even though the aforesaid looks simple, there are sophisticated and complicated modern ways of conducting it too.

Before you do that, first you need to educate yourself on that subject and then chances are that you could make it more productive.

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What to do after receiving a plant?

The most recommendable thing to do after receiving a plant is repotting them. You need to ensure that you report all the succulents which you purchase from the stores or from a nursery.

It is crucial. Usually, the succulents which you buy from stores come out in plastic pots. They will not give a pretty look when you grow the plants in the same container.

Moreover, it will interrupt your plants’ healthy growth as well. Additionally, when you repot the plants you purchased from the store, you could provide them with a new soil mix which is richer in nutrients.

You should repot the new plants at least within one week or two weeks’ time when you bought it.

Furthermore, you may use a terracotta pot for this process. Moreover make sure the pot has enough draining holes.

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