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Strombocactus corregidorae are quite famous cacti from Mexico and from North America. They would usually grow about 1500m above sea level. 

These are drought tolerant sets of plants. Strombocactus corregidorae usually have a perennial Life cycle and due to that many people have become fans of these plants. 

So, if you wish to grow these beautiful plants, it would be worth going through this article.

Strombocactus Corregidorae

How do I identify Strombocactus corregidorae?

Strombocactus corregidorae would grow up to 25 cm in height when they grow to their best ability. Further they may comprise strong spines as well. 

They would usually form in black and in gray colors. Moreover, they would be thick too. Apart from these characteristics, Strombocactus corregidorae produce flowers in yellow. 

Their flowering season would usually fall in summer. Furthermore, they for some seeds well. Those seeds would consist of flat preclinical walls.

One look care guide

Botanical NameStrombocactus corregidorae
Plant TypeSucculent / cactus
Mature SizeMaximum height of 25 cm
Sun ExposureFull sunlight to partial shade
Soil TypeWell-draining, sandy
Soil pHNeutral
Bloom TimeSummer
Flower ColorYellow
Hardiness ZonesZone 9
Native AreaMexico / Northern America
ToxicityNon toxic
Average price 5 USD

How do you take care of Strombocactus corregidorae?

Light Requirement 

Strombocactus corregidorae prefer to have filtered indirect bright sunlight to perform well. However, they are not tolerant of direct sunlight. 

If you do so, it would create a harmful effect on the plants. You need to refrain from exposing them for direct sunlight particularly during the intense hours of the day in summer. 

Choose a bright sunny spot when you grow them indoors and it could possibly be a bright sunny window spot at your home. 

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It could most probably be a bright sunny window. Further if you have kept them indoors for some time and wish to relocate them outdoors, you need to do it in such a manner where you do not expose them to bright sunlight at once. 

If you do so, it would traumatize the plants and ultimately result in scorches.

Temperature and humidity

Strombocactus corregidorae would not tolerate colder temperatures. If you expose them for colder frost conditions, it will even kill the plants as well. Hence best is to grow them while exposing them for warmer temperatures. 

Consider that you have grown them as outdoor plants, then best would be to relocate them to a spot indoors so that they will be safe from those unhealthy conditions. 

On the other hand, when it comes to humidity, the best would be to grow them in moderate humidity levels as excess humidity could also result in healthy deterioration of the Strombocactus corregidorae plants.

Is it cold hardy?

Strombocactus corregidorae are not frost hardy plants ?


Strombocactus corregidorae prefers to grow in USDA hardiness zone 9.

Strombocactus Corregidorae

Watering Requirement 

Strombocactus corregidorae would perform well given that you water them moderately without over watering them. 

You need to adjust the watering pattern depending on the season mainly. When it comes to watering the plants during spring and summer, you could do it once every two weeks. 

On the other hand, you could minimize watering them during fall and not water them at all during winter. 

However irrespective of the season you water them, you should ensure that you water them only if their soil is dry. If you end up watering them if their soil is dry, it could lead to over watering conditions.

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Soil Requirement Type / pH

Best is to proceed with a commercially made cactus or a succulent soil mix to grow the Strombocactus corregidorae plants. 

Those soil mixes usually consist of coarse sand which is quite effective in enhancing the draining of the soil mix. 

A good aeration and an excellent drainage are two most important factors when selecting a right soil mix for the Strombocactus corregidorae plants. 

If you end up choosing a poor draining soil mix, they will tend to retain the excess moisture within the pot and lead to over-watering conditions. Consequently, your plants may start to suffer from diseases such as root rot.

Pot size Potting and Repotting

I recommend growing these plants in clay pots or in unglazed pots as they are all high in porosity. 

When you grow them in porous pots, it would allow the plants to evaporate the excess moisture rapidly. Besides, it is important that those pots have sufficient draining holes as well.

You could do repotting once every two years. The purpose of repotting is to provide new growing conditions for the plants. 

That is simply if you keep growing them in the same pot, the nutrients in the soil would be depleted and these plants would find it difficult to thrive. 

In addition to that when you repot the plants, it would allow you to have a closer look on the plants roots and if you find any rotten or infected roots you could snip them off and grow them as healthy plants in a fresh pot.

Where to Plant 

They can thrive both indoors and outdoors. However, when you grow them outdoors, you need to protect the plants from frost conditions.

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Fertilizer and time of year

You could consider using fertilizers which are specially made for the succulents and for cactus to feed these plants. 

However, do not ever feed them during their dormancy and instead feed them during their active growing season.


Strombocactus corregidorae blossom flowers in yellow during summer.


Strombocactus corregidorae are dormant during winter


This plant is not toxic to pets or humans.

Common bugs and illnesses

Chances are that pests such as aphids, scales and mealybugs invade these plants if they find favorable conditions for them. 

Hence why it is important that you practice the right growing care treatments so that you may not come across these issues. 

However, if they do, you could use regular pesticides, neem oil to treat them. Moreover, if you supply them water in excess it would contribute to root rot. 

As you may already know, root rot could be so dangerous as chances are that It may even result in the death of plants.

Strombocactus corregidorae benefits 

Strombocactus corregidorae are handy as container plants as well as outdoor plants. They would perfectly fit in as windowsill plants as well.

How to propagate Strombocactus corregidorae

Best would be to practice the seeds propagation method to propagate the Strombocactus corregidorae plants.


To wind up, Strombocactus corregidorae are such great looking plants and if you ensure that you look after them well, they will flourish to their best ability. I hope you found this article useful for you to educate yourself on how to look after them well. Happy gardening !

Credit to : Aj’s Cacti
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