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Hildewintera aureispina is yet another fascinating cactus which you may come across in the cactus world. 

They are native plants to Bolivia. Collecting this species has become a major issue for them. That is simply because many people tend to add them as ornamental plants.  

In terms of the altitude range, they grow at an elevation of 1300 to 1400 meters.   

You could commonly spot them forming in cliffs within forests in inter Andean valleys. These plants go by the common name called Golden rat tail. 

Hildewintera aureispina

Hildewintera aureispina are quite famous for their attractive flower blossoming activity.  

There are many hybrid plants made from Hildewintera species and they have got cultivator names accordingly. 

They form in spectacular  clumps which produce several flowers occasionally and it will be so pleasing to watch them. 

You could spot the Hildewintera aureispina hybrids  growing as thick plants and they are stronger than the original Hildewintera aureispina  plants.

If you are excited to discover this beauty, keep reading this article as it will be useful to improve your knowledge on how to grow them well.

How do I identify Hildewintera aureispina?

They are branching columnar cactus and they show a very robust version of peanut cactus (Lobivia chamaecereus). 

They produce stems which are cylindrical in shape. Further you could spot them spreading and in an arching manner. 

Sometimes it takes a pendant shape. Moreover, you will see how they grow in a trailing manner. 

Furthermore, they would grow up to 1.5 m in length too. Moreover, their width would be 2.5- 6 cm and they form  many branches as well. 

Besides, Hildewintera aureispina may consist of about 16-17 ribs. Their areolas would be brown in color, and you will see how closely they are set.

Additionally, they consists of about 50 spines as well. They are flexible and straight. 

Furthermore, you can spot them in golden yellow to brownish colors. Those spines form covering  the surface of the stems. 

Out of the 50 spines there will be about 20 or more powerful central spines. They will be about 5-19 mm in length. On the other hand, there will be about 30 radial spies and they are about 4-10 mm in length.

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In addition to aforesaid characteristics, you will see how Hildewintera aureispina produces flowers which tend to take funnel shape. 

Furthermore, you could spot them forming in tubular shape as well. Color wise they will be either orange or salmon pink. 

Furthermore, their length would be 4-6 cm and 5 cm in width. The flowers are showy. 

These flowers will transform into fruits and they are barrel shaped. Furthermore, their length and the width would be 7-19 mm. You could spot them forming from green to reddish green.

One look care guide

Botanical NameHildewintera aureispina
Common NameGolden rat tail 
Plant TypeCactus
Mature Size1.5 m in length . 2.5 – 6 cm in width
Sun ExposureFiltered sunlight
Soil TypeSandy, well draining
Soil pHNeutral
Bloom TimeSpring or summer
Flower ColorBright red
Hardiness ZonesUSDA hardiness zones 9a-11b.
Native AreaBolivia
Average price 5 USD

How do you take care of Hildewintera aureispina?

Size of the plant

They grow up to 1.5 m in length . Moreover, Hildewintera aureispina  would be about 2.5- 6 cm. in width when they grow to their fullest potential.

Growth rate

Hildewintera aureispina are a rapidly growing set of plants.

Light Requirement 

Hildewintera aureispina needs filtered bright sunlight in terms of the sunlight. 

It could ideally be bright sunlight in the morning and partial sun or light shade in the afternoon. The exposure for full sunlight for extended periods would scorch them. 

Temperature and humidity

A temperature range of 65-80 degrees would work well with these beauties. On the other hand , the most suitable nighttime temperature would be around 60 degrees Fahrenheit. 

When it comes to winter temperatures , they can withstand the temperatures between 50 degrees – 55 degrees Fahrenheit. 

When you expose them for cooler temperatures, it will encourage more flower blossoming. On the other hand, they are tolerant of  light frost as well. 

Having said that , if you experience temperatures which drop to freezing temperatures on a constant basis, it would be better if you can relocate the plants indoors during such unhealthy times.

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Hildewintera aureispina

Is it cold hardy?

Hildewintera aureispina are somewhat cold hardy as explained in the above 

USDA Hardiness Zone

Hildewintera aureispina cactus are cold hardy in 9a-11b.

Watering Requirement

Hildewintera aureispina cactus would grow well, if you water them moderately when they are in their active growing phase. 

So, when watering the Hildewintera aureispina cactus during summer, you can do it as frequently  as on a weekly basis. 

However, when you water them, make sure they are dry from the previous water session. If you stick to these guidelines when watering, you can assure a healthy growth in the plants.

Hildewintera aureispina cactus perform well if you make them stay in dry conditions. If you end up over watering, it would make these plants rot. 

Underwatering makes less repercussions than over watering. Hildewintera aureispina cactus can tolerate drought conditions and if you end up over watering them, it will create fatal repercussions on the plants. 

You may water them less often when watering them during winter. In fact, you can limit watering to once every month during winter.

Soil Requirement Type / pH

Hildewintera aureispina cactus will grow well , if you provide them a loose well-draining cactus mix. 

Additionally, they will thrive well in a sandy sharply draining soil mix as well. Those conditions mimic the same conditions they get when they grow in the natural habitat. 

Moreover, a cactus soil mix or a succulent soil mix would also work well with the Hildewintera aureispina cactus. 

Besides, you can use a regular soil mix after you amend it either with sand or with pumice. That will enhance the grittiness and the draining factor as well.

Pot size Potting and Repotting.

When selecting the right pot,ensure that it is made out of a porous material. Hence , a clay or a terracotta pot would go well with them. 

Secondly it has to have enough draining holes in the pot. In terms of repotting, you may consider repotting the Hildewintera aureispina cactus annually. 

They are fast growers as aforesaid. Hence you can consider repotting them once every year. When repotting you always select a  fresh well-draining soil mix. 

Further proceed with a slightly larger pot too.  

Where to Plant

You may grow them as container plants given that they get sufficient sunlight and a well-draining soil mix.


Hildewintera aureispina cactus flowers in bright red colors. Furthermore, they are large too. Their flowering season would be spring or summer.

Hildewintera aureispina

Fertilizer and time of year

Consider feeding the Hildewintera aureispina cactus with a high potassium liquid fertilizers occasionally.  You do not have to feed the indoor grown Hildewintera aureispina cactus. 

However if you feed them, it will be an extra boost for the Hildewintera aureispina cactus growth. You may also use a water-soluble balanced fertilizer as well. 

Do not feed them in winter. Instead feed them in summer which is their active growing season.


Hildewintera aureispina are winter dormant plants.


Hildewintera aureispina are toxic for pets as well as for humans. Hence, refrain from digesting the Hildewintera aureispina plant parts.

Common bugs and illnesses

If you can practice proper growing care tips, you can keep the Hildewintera aureispina cactus pests free

However, they are still vulnerable to pests’ attacks from scales and from spider mites as well. Additionally, you need to make sure that you do not provide them with water in excess as it could lead to root rot.

Special Care tips.

Hildewintera aureispina cactus do not need any pruning 

How to propagate Hildewintera aureispina

Propagating the Hildewintera aureispina cactus is pretty simple. You may use cuttings and seeds to propagate them. 

Spring or summer seasons would be the ideal seasons to propagate them. To propagate you simply need to obtain those cuttings and let them wither. 

Next let them develop callus and plant them in a well draining soil mix. . If you use it you can sow them on a surface, and they will start to germinate within two to four weeks at a temperature of 20 degrees Celsius.


Trust this information was useful for you to learn on how to grow the Hildewintera aureispina cactus well. Happy gardening with Hildewintera aureispina cactus!

Credit to : Desert Plants of Avalon
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