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Haworthia cooperi is a unique succulent in the succulent world. But you need to learn the Haworthia cooperi watering techniques properly to care for this plant. 

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Haworthia Cooperi watering

How to tell when Haworthia needs water?

If you could spot the Haworthia plants’ leaves have curled and if their soil is entirely dry, it is time for you to water your beloved Haworthia plants. 

There is no  watering schedule you need to follow. In fact you need to check whether their soil is dry and whether there are any symptoms of under watering and only then water. 

However, you need to water the Haworthia plants more often in summer than what you do in winter.

It could be once a week during summer and once a month in winter approximately. To sum up you need to mainly check on the soil moisture and depending on that you need to water them. 

What important is to water them deeply and less frequently. Further once you finish watering ensure that excess water is drained away.   

When you water the Haworthia plants well, you will see how they become plump and fresh from their shrivelled and unhealthy look. 

Haworthia cooperi watering frequency?

You need to adjust the watering frequency on several things such as on weather conditions, pot material etc. 

If you are experiencing warm and arid weather conditions, water evaporation would be somewhat faster when compared to winter conditions. 

In addition to that, if you grow the Haworthia plants in clay pots, it will also help the excess moisture to evaporate faster in comparison with plastic materials. 

In addition to that, you need to water the Haworthia plants less often in winter when compared to summer.

Haworthia plants have water conserved in the plant, hence they do not require frequent watering. You could do it once every one fortnight.  

On the other hand, you need to water them less often, like once a month during winter. If you are unsure whether you need to water them or not, best is to wait for a few days and water them.

How long can it go without water?

Haworthia plants would thrive without water for a few weeks. These are drought tolerant plants, and they could survive well even if you forget to water them for a few weeks

On the other hand, over watering could create more severe repercussions.

Haworthia plants conserve water in the plants just like the rest of other succulents and cacti. Hence, there will not be any damage for the plants even if you skip watering them for a few weeks. 

As such if you are a forgetful gardener, these plants would be great picks.

Watering Haworthia without drainage

If you have Haworthia plants which you have grown in pots which do not contain any draining hole, you need to go ahead with a soil mix which has an excellent drainage. 

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That will make sure that Haworthia plants will have a proper air circulation in the pot. 

Despite not having a draining hole in the pot, you could consider placing large particles as that will help for the water to evaporate at a rapid rate. 

You could use elements such as pumice to fasten the drainage of the potting medium.

You could consider adding large materials to the pot bottom since it would fasten the drainage of the soil mix. 

However, the downside of using large materials is that it would create water pools in the pot bottom and in addition to that it will make the topsoil hard to evaporate water too. 

Furthermore, you need to keep a track as to how much water your Haworthia plants want.

In that circumstance it would be better if you could grow them in glass containers so that you could see the water level you are applying to them. 

Having said that, the best way is to measure the water level and then water the plants.

You could be tactful in utilizing a measuring cup and then water your Haworthia plants. You could consider using a  squeeze bottle to water them too so that you could control the watering amount you put in 

Haworthia Cooperi watering

Haworthia cooperi watering amount

Haworthia plants require sufficient water levels which could keep their  soil  moist. Having said that, you need to refrain from making water pools in the pot bottom. 

In case if you end up supplying them excess water you could use a rag or paper towels and remove some excess moisture. 

Further, if you have grown them in a small pot, you could simply get rid of the excess water from it.

Generally, you could supply them water in an amount which is almost like half of your planter.

Hence, if your container has about one cup of soil, you need to water them with a quantity which is equal to half of the soil cup. 

You need to adjust the watering amount depending on how healthy your plant is too.

Haworthia water from top or bottom

You may water the Haworthia plants from the bottom. To reiterate, keep in mind to water them only if their soil is dry only

Avoid spilling water on the leaves as it could increase high humidity levels and  cause rot in the plants. When you water the Haworthia plant’s base, it will allow the roots to grow vigorously. 

When you water the base of the plants, roots can absorb water easily and it would allow the entire plant to absorb water evenly.  

Haworthia cooperi watering in winter

When it comes to watering the Haworthia plants during winter, you need to do it less often and you should not let any excess water gather around the Haworthia plants rosettes. 

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Haworthia plants go into dormancy during winter and literally they will be in relaxing mode during this period.

They do not consume any of their energy when they are dormant.  As such you need to cease watering them during winter or do it less often. 

Further just as with the regular watering, check whether their soil is dry and only then resume watering them. 

You could suspend watering them if your plants are getting winter rainfall.  If you end up watering them abundantly during winter, it could be the biggest fault you make for the plant.

Haworthia cooperi watering in summer

Haworthia plants require you to water them on a more frequent basis when compared to winter

During summer there will be intensely heated and warmer temperatures, hence the water will evaporate at a faster rate, and it is important that you water them more frequently such as once every fortnight.

Further when you water the Haworthia plants, ensure that you do it in the morning before they are exposed to high temperature levels. 

I recommend not to water them when the temperature is high as if you do so, it would make the plant crown sit in hot water and cause burns in the plant. 

Haworthia Cooperi Propagation 6 1

Indoor Haworthia cooperi watering

Make sure that you always check the soil moisture before you water the indoor Haworthia plants

I encourage using distilled water or tap water when watering them.  However, ensure that you leave the tap water in the water can for about 2 hours as it would allow all the chemicals to evaporate. 

If possible, check whether you could conserve rainwater and water these plants with that. 

Avoid adding  tap water directly on these plants. Further if you water them from the top, ensure that there are no water pools remaining on the leaves as they could lead to rotting of the plants. 

Do not leave the plant roots standing in waterlogged situations for too long as it could have fatal repercussions on the plants. 

It is always better to under water them rather than over watering. That is because you could easily revive an under watered plant rather than revving an overwatered plant.

Outdoor Haworthia cooperi watering

Haworthia plants have a minimal watering requirement even when you grow them outdoors as well.

 Having said that you need to water the Haworthia plants during hot and arid weather conditions on a more frequent basis.  

Remember that the plant soil needs to be dry from the previous watering session.

In addition to that, if you have grown the Haworthia plants in rock gardens or in outdoor containers, water will drain away at a rapid rate.

If you mistakenly over water these plants, ensure that you expose them to bright sunlight so that it would help the excess moisture to evaporate faster. 

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Further, if your Haworthia plants are lacking water, they would tend to shrivel their leaves and indicate you need to water them. 

You could cease watering the Haworthia plants during winter if they get winter rainfall. If not, you could consider watering them once a month in winter given that if their soil is dry.  

Small Haworthia cooperi watering

When it comes to watering the small Haworthia plants, you need to always resume watering them if their soil is dry only. 

It should be the best guide when watering the small Haworthia plants. In terms of frequency, you could water them once every week during hot and dry summer conditions. 

On the other hand, you need to minimize watering them and water them less often as once a month during colder weather conditions in winter.

Should you water newly brought Haworthia?

When you purchase the Haworthia plants, fresh chances are that their soil could be dry

If you need to ascertain this, you could simply place your finger in the soil and see whether it is damp or soggy. 

If you find their soil is completely dry, you could proceed with watering them. If it is soggy, you could wait for some days and start watering them. 

Should you water newly repotted Haworthia?  

Best is to wait for one week’s time and then water the newly repotted Haworthia plants.

Literally they need to first adjust to their new growing conditions and only then you need to consider watering them. 

Unless it could make the Haworthia plants vulnerable to infections. Further when you water, ensure that no excess water is retained in the pot too.

What you need to water a Haworthia 

  • Squeeze water bottle
  • Measuring water cup                                                         

Do Haworthia need more water than cactus?

Not really, as both cactus and Haworthia plants have conserved water in their foliage. They only want you to water them thoroughly.

Does Haworthia like humidity?

Best is to expose them to dry to moderate levels of humidity, particularly during hot and dry weather conditions.


Before wrapping this up, I hope this article was useful for you to enhance your knowledge on the watering of Haworthia plants and you were able to clear doubts in watering the Haworthia plants if you had any. 

So, hurry up and start gardening these wonderful plants and enjoy the experience.

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