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Yes, Snake plant purify air. Interestingly, it also absorb the cancer-causing pollutants such as CO2, Benzene, formaldehyde, xylene, and toluene to a small extent as well. 

Normally plants produce breathable oxygen at day and carbon dioxide at night. The interesting fact about snake plant is they produce oxygen day as well as night.

Snake plant is a versatile plant which you could grow indoors or outdoors with a minimum care treatment. It could rise to 6 inches from several feet even. 

It is a treat to watch them in full growth and they would grace the whole atmosphere despite the location you plant them. 

In addition to that they are renowned as a set of plants which could remove harmful air pollutants. 

Not only those, but also it could work as a productive defense against the airborne allergies too.

snake plant purify air

Which part of the snake plant purify air

Snake plants purify air while absorbing pollutants through the plant’s leaves and manufacturing pure oxygen.

NASA study about air purifying plants

Snake plant is a perfect indoor plant as it is a fantastic air purifier. A recent study done by NASA scientists have emphasized that snake plant is removing pollutants such as formaldehyde, xylene, and toluene and nitrogen dioxide. 

It would be beneficial for them if they could grow snake plants around their workspaces as by growing these plants, it could purify the air around them. 

According to Nasa, they have recommended to utilize at least 15-18 medium to large size plants for a house which is about 1800 square foot in size.

It could release the oxygen during nighttime. Unlike most house plants it could convert CO2 into Oxygen during night which makes them great indoor plants. 

Generally, it is essential to have about 6-8 plants per person in case there is no air circulation. Which means you could live in an air sealed room if you have these plants available in your room. 

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Moreover, it could assist you in combating allergies and sick building syndrome too. Snake plants absorb pollutants and release oxygen. 

Further it could release moisture in the air, and it could reduce the allergens in the air too. As such, someone who is allergic would love to have a plant like this as it will make them healthy and keep fit.

Moreover, it is important that people at public places and at the workplace know about the worth of having these kinds of plants. 

snake plant purify air

Best place to put snake plant indoors  

Living Rooms

You could grow snake plants both indoors and outdoors with a minor maintenance. It could help to purify the air and simultaneously it would help to keep you safe and healthy too. 

It could bring aesthetic beauty and health benefits too. They would add more beauty and calmness to the whole living room. 

However, it would be somewhat messy when you have to water them though. Moreover, you will have to keep an eye on the pets in case they get involved with these plants and make a mess.

snake plant purify air


Snake plants could assist in filtering indoor air. What is exceptional about this plant is that it could transform carbon dioxide into oxygen during night. 

As such, it makes them an extraordinary plant to grow in bedrooms as it could contribute to proper air circulation.

They would help you to sleep well and better. It could be somewhat messy when you have to water them occasionally though.

snake plant air purify2 1


Snake plants could be very handy in using for kitchens as well. We could use the snake plant as a decorative plant in the kitchen. 

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You could grow this plant no matter what kind of a space in the kitchen you have allocated. it could be either counter space or even on the floor. That will give a refreshing vibe to the whole atmosphere.

They could thrive in low levels of light and with minimum level of watering too. As such it will not make any mess in the kitchen. It will add an attractive vibe in the kitchen when you grow them there. 

snake plant air purify3 1


Snake plants would be ideal for filtering out pollutants called formaldehyde, which is included in cleaning products, toilet papers etc. 

These plants could survive in shade, sunlight and even in humid conditions as well. It could help to filter out toxins in the air in the bathroom as well. 

Avoid over watering them though. Their easy maintenance and their attractive looks also make them perfect bathroom plants.

It will grace the entire bathroom once you place a snake plant in a bathroom.

snake plant air purify4 1

Benefits of growing snake plants

 All kinds of plants form oxygen. However as per Nasa clean air study, they have discovered that there are certain plants which produce oxygen better than other plants. 

Snake plant is one of those plants which could produce oxygen at a remarkable rate. Those higher levels of oxygen could encourage deeper sleep.

Moreover, it could form oxygen during night too. Snake plant is exceptional as it could produce oxygen during nighttime too. 

Majority of the plants produce oxygen in the daytime from the photosynthesis process. When it is nighttime, they absorb oxygen and release carbon dioxide which you could call respiration. 

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Snake plant is contrary to them since it could keep producing oxygen at night too.

Ability to filter out poisonous toxins is one more benefit of having snake plants. In addition to that they could be quite effective when dealing with allergies also. 

Finally, they are easy to care for plants and could survive in low light levels too.

Is it good to keep snake plants in small space houses?

You could grow snake plants in small space houses without any hassle. It would be very beneficial to have since it could purify the air and could assist for proper air circulation.  

snake plant air purify5 1


Which snake plant is best for air purification?

Sansevieria is considered as a very good plant which could help to purify the  air. It could be very handy to have it as an indoor plant too due to its amazing skills in air purification.

Do snake plants release Carbon dioxide at night?

Snake plants do not release Carbon Dioxide at night. Instead, it could purify the air by taking in all pollutants through their leaves and while forming pure oxygen. 

On the other hand, rest of all the other plants would release carbon dioxide at night

Is it good to keep snake plants indoors at night?

This is an exceptional plant as we could keep it indoors at night . It could transform carbon dioxide into oxygen during nighttime also. 

This characteristic makes them perfect indoor plants as it would assist for a better air circulation.

Credit to : Quartz
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